As we set out to apply the laws of attraction for whatever we desire, all events and things are set in motion to respond fully. These events and things were unfolding before we were even consciously aware of this desire. God does nothing special to fulfill them. He just takes the urns of our desires and pours.

If there is guilt associated with what we desire, then it may have the appearance of not showing up. Guilt is always disruptive, blocks, and serves no purpose. It asks for punishment and finds it.

What we anticipate from feelings of guilt, that which does not yet exist, is what prevents us from freely attracting, receiving or recognizing our good.

Release all notions of guilt one day at a time. As guilt is released, we are immediately released from the clutches of the ego. Doom vanishes. Truth is revealed. Perfect sight is restored.

"The wish to see calls down the grace of God upon your eyes, and brings the gift of light that makes sight possible." - The Special Function - A Course In Miracles.

Author's Bio: 

Helen Gordon teaches the principles of A Course In Miracles and its application live on the Internet and is in her eleventh year.

She brings 24 years of metaphysical knowledge and living to this class. Her studies were completed at The Holmes Institute in Los Angeles, CA, a metaphysical institution.

Ms Gordon is also a writer published in metaphysical and religious publications. Helen is a warm and gifted teacher committed to sharing the principles of A Course In Miracles through speaking at conferences, study groups, workshops and on the Internet.