Revenge is never a good idea. Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. He didn't say he would use you as an instrument in vengeance. It is just not your position to take the situation into your own hands. The idea is clear.

The world operates on natural law. There are a number at play at any given time in our lives. These laws bring back to us as the sender of energies, the same as we send out. When love is sent, our lives are full of love. When revenge fills our thoughts, our lives are full of revenge.

What goes around, comes around. This is the natural law of cause and effect. When we put a cause into play in our life and affairs, we also reap the consequential effect. It comes naturally. We, as an instrument of revenge, do not make it happen any better, easier or even any faster. No one ever assigned you as the instrument of revenge in any given circumstance.

Then we come to the law of attraction. That which your mind dwells upon you surely will manifest in your life. If revenge is your uppermost thought from all of life's happenings, then revenge you will receive. It is not about you finding ways to seek revenge, it is about it manifesting in your life, because you have drawn it by dwelling upon it.

When revenge is sought, who does it truly affect? No one else even knows you are seeking revenge until you do something terrible to them in their life. Then the cycle continues. You did something, they do something. It is a self-fulfilling cycle of nasty behaviour.

No! There has never been a time when revenge is a good idea.

Begin your understanding and lessons with yourself. What are you learning from this behaviour? Who is it affecting? Why do you feel justified in disturbing other's lives for your own revenge? It is certainly not coming from positive thinking and approach to life. So you are escalating your own negativity by this thought of revenge.

When you turn your thoughts to positive actions, you find that doing loving things in sincerity of purpose, will enhance both the giver and receiver. Surely that is a more appropriate response to other people in your life?

The alternative to seeking revenge is to always send love. While results may take some time to get through to the revengeful soul, it always does penetrate even the thickest skinned person.

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From a young age writing was a passion. It manifested in later years with 2 books and course materials for study. As a teacher of spirituality, Judy sets the standards for workers in the field of psychic and mediumship abilities.