Shhhh! We don’t want to talk about it in our society. It is a private matter—it’s sex. But sex can be a wonderful stress reliever—it can also create stress.

There is good stress-relieving sex, and sex that causes us to be stressed. For instance, too much sex can be stressful. The pressure to perform can replace the pleasurable effect with stress. Unfulfilling sex can also be stressful. Sexual harassment, forced sexual contact, rape, and other unwanted sexual advances leave a tremendous amount of stressful trauma in the mind and body of the victim.

On the other hand, a good, pleasurable, loving, and fulfilling sexual encounter includes many of the most positive stress-relieving techniques suggested by professionals. Deep breathing, massage, exercise, and social support are all vital parts of the sexual experience and beneficial in reducing stress.

In addition to the above, sex burns a tremendous amount of calories, possibly leading to weight loss. Obesity and the daily struggles of weight loss is a significant contributor to stress.

Depending on your level of enthusiasm during sex, your heart receives a workout too, necessary to cardiovascular health.
Unfortunately, our busy lives and daily stress often create a lack of desire. A 2002 study by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development showed that sex lives suffered in about one third of people working 48 hours a week or more. Setting aside time for sex may seem unromantic, but it may be necessary to gain the benefits of stress relief. It’s like the two sides of a coin: stress because there is no time for sex, or make time for sex to relieve the stress.

If sex feels timely or rushed, try putting on some soothing music, light an aromatherapy candle, or perform a simple back massage to quickly pump up your libido.

Try placing more importance on your sex life. There is so much pleasure to gain, and so much stress to lose.

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