"Most men live a life of quiet desperation."

Do you?

Do you force a smile on your face, stand up straight and go out to meet the world.
Do you stoically keep the dreaded commitments that fill your planner?
Do you unquestionably carry out your mounting responsibilities?

If getting through the day is an effort or a struggle, if your "to do" list has responsibilities that you believe you "should" do and few to none that you "want" to do, if you are scrambling to meet other people's expectations, if you feel that your life has no meaning or often think to yourself, "is this all there is," or if you just constantly feel a vague dissatisfaction or unease for no apparent reason, then you have the symptoms of living a life of "quiet desperation".

We all want to be happy. We often have a list of things that we think will make us happy. Perhaps we decide that a new car is what we need to be happy. But how long would that happiness really last?

Or maybe it's money that you think will bring you happiness. More money may make your life easier, others may treat you with more respect, and you will have more things and activities to distract you from your emotions or from your emptiness. But can it really make you happy. Can it improve your relationships with others? Will it change how you feel about yourself? Will it make your life have more meaning?

Maybe you think that you must do all the "right" things and live up to everyone's expectations before you finally can deserve to be happy.

Some of us have amassed a long list of accomplishments, each of which we thought would be the key to our happiness. We think we will be happy when we are successful, when we achieve our goals. Those personal achievements may result in our experiencing some intermittent positive feelings. We may experience a temporary sense of satisfaction and pride. We may enjoy more influence among our friends, associates and community.

But will our achievements sustain us with a lifetime of happiness? Or will we be constantly chasing our next happiness fix?

Some folks say all you have to do is put a smile on your face and decide to be happy. That may improve our attitude, enhance our interactions with others and attract more opportunities to us. These are significant changes, but they don't increase our innate joy.

So what does is mean to be happy? First of all, "happy" is a feeling. And feelings by definition are transitory.

Feelings are physical sensations produced by vibrations that move through us. It’s only when we resist our emotions that they remain as negative energy in our bodies and our minds. In addition, by ignoring a emotion or pretending it isn’t there, we miss the insight they provide, deny a part of ourselves and numb ourselves to experiencing life fully.

Although feelings, themselves are simply vibrations, the way we perceive them, the meaning we attach to them are an expression of who we are and where we are on our individual life journey. Their purpose is to inform, communicate and guide us.

Feelings are the language of the Soul.

So what is our Soul trying to communicate? Our Soul is guiding us to that which we truly desire. But it’s not happiness which is produce by external events. What we truly desire is a Joyful sense of Being.

Being is internal. Our way of Being in the world colors all of our experiences, perceptions, choices and ultimately our feelings. Being includes our predominate attitude, outlook, expectations, beliefs, sense of self and connection to our Spirit When we are Being inspired, enthusiastic, and elated, we will sustain a sense of comfort and satisfaction no matter what transitory emotions, whether they are happy, sad, afraid, etc., we are feeling temporarily.

We are seeking to “be” Joyous, Free and Secure. When you abide in your Being, you are infused with a powerful sense of motivation, purpose and completion deep within. You are no longer dependent on outer circumstances for the temporary feeling of happiness or reward. You may encounter situations that cause sadness, but you will still Be at Peace.

This state of Being cannot be purchased by manifesting money. It cannot be achieved by manifesting success and It cannot be realized by accumulating power or influence.

How can you realize the state of Being ? By expressing and manifesting the true vision that your Soul holds for you.

How do you know what that is?

Listen to your Soul. The message is in the emotion.

Your Soul/Essence communicates to you constantly. It will give you feedback on every situation, every decision, every action, every thought.

Pay attention to your feelings. Don't judge, deny or discount them. Wait for the call to action. But when it comes, do not hesitate or doubt. Do not analyze the possible outcome.

If you follow your Soul's guidance, the results will take care of themselves.

You will feel the enthusiasm of living your Purpose.

And you will experience the wonder and thrill of expressing the unique aspect of the Divine Being that you are.

Author's Bio: 

I am new to the internet business. However, I have extensive experience in the field of Personal Development. Professionally I worked as a counselor and participated in workshops and research. My personal experience provides me with a unique perspective, deepening my understanding and compassion for the human experience. I spent years in my own self-created hell on earth before I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel. And for once, it wasn't a train. My own journey to Personal Freedom has given me a unique understanding and real life experience in the methods that are the most effective for making the changes that result in life transformation. My experiences have given me an intense commitment to assisting others in creating a life of Passion, Purpose and Empowerment. My website is my business, my passion and my purpose. I know how it feels to be mired in desperation. Too many people are just existing, going through the motions of living. I am dedicated to supporting others' quest to express their personal freedom and enjoy a life of enthusiasm and abundance. I hope my commitment to helping others and my conviction to living according to my personal and spiritual principles will play a small part in improving the life of all humans and our fellow creatures on this planet.approach
That is my Purpose and my Passion.