( Author note: this was written around Super Bowl time, but still applicable)

As I watch different sports, I try to find the ones who are having FUN.

I try to see who is acting PROFESSIONAL, win or lose.

I look for the guy or gal who is showing some CLASS/ GRACE/ SPORTSMANSHIP.

Well, you might guess that I was TICKLED PINK when Sports Illustrated named Green Bay Packer Brett Favre as their “sportsman of the year”. In my opinion, I can't honestly think of another guy more deserving of the award.

Regardless of the fact that Favre owns almost all the records in professional football for quarterbacks. Not counting that the Green Bay Packers had a miraculous turnaround season from the prior year. This done mostly with unsung hero’s,lunch pal guys, and athletes that just “do their job’ and go quietly about their business.

When you watch Favre here is what you might see, as I do.

>> BF plays for PURE ENJOYMENT…laughing and smiling constantly.
>> BF has CLASS and appreciates his fellow competitors. He’ll frequently give a guy a pat on the back after a good clean hit. He’ ll be the guy helping up the player who just sacked him.
>> BF has an incredible CHEMISTRY and CAMARADERIE with his teammates.
>> BF shares or actually gives credit to his fellow players. Its called HUMBLENESS. Perhaps others could take lessons here?
>> BF is clearly a great LEADER, with countless 4th quarter comebacks.
>> As all good leaders,he takes RESPONSIBILITY. No blaming of other players will be heard from his mouth.
>> You have to love his DOWN TO EARTH-NESS. You can bet he’s the same guy on the field as he’d be at the local diner or tavern.
(Even his WRANGLER JEANS commercial, with the lab retriever dogs is “comfortable”).
>> Its reported he practices, studies, and does the FUNDAMENTALS as good,and,as hard as anyone in the game. Simply said..he LEADS BY EXAMPLE.
>> Most impressive to me, is his ridiculously incredible DURABILITY. Its almost impossible that anyone ,let alone a QUARTERBACK could play 257 consecutive games(through health, father passing,wife illness,and the natural pain from the day to day NFL play). Almost “freak of nature-ish”?

In sum, Brett Favre is a breath of fresh air in a society where it seems that on every tackle, someone has to get up and beat their chest to let you know they made a tackle. BIG DEAL. Act like a professional. Act like you’ve been there before. Save the emotion for a game changing or game deciding play.

Favre totally enjoys the game. Contrast that with the pro golf tour? Can you can find 5 or 6 guys who actually have fun out there? I’ll start you with Fred Funk and Peter Jacobsen.

You can read Favre’s own words from the Sports Illustrated article http://www.happynews.com/news/1242007/si-names-favre-sportsman-year.htm

What will Green Bay do without Favre, when he really decides to retire? What will we fans do?

For me personally…. I’ll miss not only an icon, and a great athlete, but a real sportsman and a true stand up guy. We truly need more of those "what you see is what you get type guys. Perhaps the youth and future stars would do well to learn as much as they can from Mr.Favre.

Have a super, super bowl Sunday.

TA Smith
Creator, Smile-Therapy.com

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TA Smith is the founder and creator of Smile-Therapy.com
A graduate of UMASS, Amherst.
A formet Dale Carnegie graduate.
Smith loves to golf,ski,read,walk his chocolate labs, and listen to jazz and country music.
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