The people at Safer Dates believe it is! During these hard economic times, Safer Dates acknowledges that building relationships is more important now than ever before, which is why they decided to make their memberships free to help keep your love life optimistic.

Doreen DeAguila, CEO of Safer Dates states, "It's rough out there and the media covers it intensely all hours of the day. We want Safer Dates to be a safe haven from all the negativity. Take a break from the news and log on to, there are only friendly faces on our site."

A free Safer Dates membership is packed full of the following benefits to help you safely communicate with that special someone:

Instant messaging (IM)
Personal blogs
Four different chat rooms - The Lounge, Hollywood, Tech Talk and Current Events

While you're becoming acquainted with the site, take note of the verification levels. The Level I and Level II Verifications are not included with the free membership but for a small annual fee they can be a great investment, not only strengthening your Safer Dates profile but they can also benefit you on other dating site profiles as well as social networking profiles.

The Level I Verification costs just $19.95, and will screen you through national databases for felonies, misdemeanors, sex offender status, and marital status. For just $39.95, Level II Verification uses your fingerprints for a more in depth screening. Once you are verified, your Safer Dates member profile is automatically updated.

Safer Dates also created a Verification Badge to help you advertise your verification level throughout the online community. The Safer Dates Verification Badge can be posted on any site that allows you to insert HTML code, such as MySpace, Facebook, personal blogs and possibly other dating websites. When clicked, the Safer Dates Verification Badge delivers that person to the Safer Dates site. If a potential date wants to confirm your verification, it won't cost them a dime; all they need to do is sign up for a free Safer Dates membership to get access to your profile to confirm your verification level. While they are on Safer Dates, you can request that they also become Level I or Level II verified before you agree to start communicating. If a site does not allow the Safer Dates Verification Badge to be posted then just add a reference of your verification level in your profile.

If you have someone not willing to become verified then Safer Dates would like to introduce you to a tool called InvestiDATE. For just $19.95, this feature allows you to take an individual of your choice through the Level I Verification screening. All you need is their full name (first and last), birthday and current address. Safer Dates will email a pass or fail indication within 24 to 72 hours; specific criminal details cannot legally be disclosed.

For less than the cost of a movie for two with popcorn and a soda, you can avoid a dating catastrophe and become Level I Verified and require your potential date to do the same.

Make it your New Year's resolution to keep your love life recession proof. Log on to and check out this reliable resource. Also, don't miss their newly launched blog,, to stay up-to-date on dating news and tips, plus watch safety videos and more. Becoming cognizant of the various safety tools that Safer Dates has to offer is more important now than ever before to avoid becoming a victim.

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Safer Dates is the first Internet dating service to offer the choice of multilevel background screenings identified on member profiles. They also empower members and non-members to screen ANYONE for misdemeanors, felonies, marital status and sex offender status by using a Safer Dates tool called InvestiDATE. Safer Dates understands that online safety is no longer just for children and they are dedicated to creating awareness of criminals targeting the growing popularity of online dating services.