It is a wonder that with all the obstacles we have faced that we have survived and prospered. It must be something in the genes that the founders of our Nation supplied us with. It must be something in the immigrant’s journey to freedom. It must be the good fortune that we have inherited by being God’s children. What ever it is – it is a wonder.

It’s a wonder that with all the different ethnic groups that make up the mix, which is our America that we still function as one people with the common interest of protecting our homeland and preserving our freedom at heart.

It’s a wonder that opposite members of the sexes can share a small space, find intimacy, have deep thoughts, and form a bond that may last forever.

It’s a wonder that jealousy and avarice, and evil don’t overcome us, and keep us from doing good works, and caring about our fellow man.

It’s a wonder that the political divides of the here and now can be replaced with the harmony of the future, and shared common goals that will hopefully benefit all our people.

It’s a wonder that with so many different points of view we still manage to come together to protect our Union.

It’s a wonder that with so many different religious beliefs most of us share a common faith in one God.

It’s a wonder that with the help of modern medical science we can cure
disease, stay healthier longer, and preserve the quality of our lives.

It’s a wonder that bigotry and prejudice play less and less of a role in our society as enlightenment, and reason take hold.
It’s a wonder that passion and longing and love can bring us together with our mates and help us raise our own families and create our own immortality through our offspring.

It’s a wonder that we have the ability to learn, and to verbalize, and to make choices about what we want to do with our lives.

It’s a wonder that we can recognize our strength’s and our weaknesses, and distinguish between that which is real, and that which is fantasy.

It’s a wonder that we live in hope of a better future, and dream of all the wonderful things we want to do.

It’s a wonder that we have our God given imagination that allows us to invent new possibilities, develop new perspectives, dream new dreams, create new realities, and see the beauty all around us.

It’s a wonder.

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