"The light will never be green by the time you get to it," my passenger said.

And of course, here's old Ted Ciuba, thinking about the Law of Attraction, thinking, That doesn't mean that I won't get through it. And you know what? That's exactly how it played out. The light turned yellow just as I hit it. And of course, I legitimately had time to get through it.

So we were both right. We both created a situation according to the Law of Attraction that we held in our minds.

And this is an interesting thing. Let's expand where we're at—let's take this thing to the chances that we take in life, or that we don't. To the extra time that we could invest, to the extra effort, to the extra push on that project that can make all the difference in the world. It's how we attack things that determines how events will end up.

So we, of course, know that we want to be on the…should I say aggressive, or is it assertive side?

One person says, "That light will never be green by the time you get there," and the other person's determination is, "I'm going to get through that light, legitimately, honestly, legally—that's my objective!"

Wishing you an aggressive, knowledgeable lifestyle and career.

Your friend,

Ted Ciuba

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