It's no laughing matter today. If you're an employee, or a business owner—especially if you're an employee—your job is at risk. People are hearing it in record numbers. You’ve got to recognize that there is no security out there now.

And you better recognize that if something does come as a setback in your life, it could get "nasty" if you've been living like most employees—that is, if you take your current paycheck and you try to pay your current bills… and you may even have credit card debt. You know who I'm talking to, if I'm talking to you.

Well, even if you do get upset, consider it a course correction. Consider it advice on how to rebuild your financial foundation securely. Consider that you might get into a field such as Certified MasterMind Consultant, which really thrives in good times and in bad.

In bad times, the times of desperation—why do we thrive? Because we offer people productivity, that edge that helps their sales people perform and brings more money in the front door.

Hey, it's tough economic times; sales are tough right now. A lot of services are going for half of what they were going for just three months ago. Of course, I don't know when you'll be reading this, but right now as I write, you can look at airline prices as a barometer. They're about half to about a third of what they were just several months ago, in a lot of instances.

Listen, those airline companies are cutting back as much as they can, but they're also out there to make it. They consider this correction a delay, not a denial. Long-term players will not be put out of the game—I'm speaking to you. If you have bad things come, you're not out of the game, you just lost that inning. And even if you just lost that game, you're not out of the league.

You've still got more to do, and you can still put it together and become victorious. And maybe, just think, in a sounder way—in a more beneficial way, this time around.

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