While our successes and failures, our rejections and acceptances, always seem as if they are directed to us personally, and we certainly do take them that way, most of the time they are not. Let's take our standard response that we have been programmed to "re-act" with, or to "act out over and over again" with, that of saying to ourselves, "Why did they do that to me, they don't even know me!" This could be in response to a letter of rejection from a job application, an article sent back by a publisher, or a denial from a company saying that they no longer need either your services or your business. This reaction may even come in response to overtures made to someone you were interested in! Which one of us hasn't known that feeling! But if we examine this reaction, even though we may be taking any of these "No's" personally, the irony is that our response that "they don't even know me," automatically takes the rejection out of the personal and into the non-personal! How could such "rejection" be directed at us personally, when as we have already stated, "they don't even know me!" No one can reject anything they don't know, in fact, the opposite is usually what has happened. They have rejected your proposal because they don't know you, they only know what they've made up in their minds about you, and that's not you! Yet when we are "rejected" we don't necessarily feel this way, that it's not personal.
How then, can we take what happens in our lives and come up with a way to not take it personally? Because when we take things personally, we slow ourselves down, make ourselves wrong, give up on ourselves and our goals, and in general, feel bad? In a word: practice it! That's right, the only way to overcome our automatic default mind system that will always come up with a self-defeating reason as to "why" we have been rejected during any attempt to reach some goal we are striving to get to, is to practice overcoming it. The "logical" reasons our mind automatically generates in reaction to rejection will always be negative in nature, sometimes accompanied by the feeling that we're just not good enough. That's why in order to have every one of us be successful, all of our core self-worth issues with regard to our allowing in of any abundance in any area of our lives, need to be relentlessly uncovered, gone over, and then disappeared with processes, practices, tools, techniques, and technology, all specifically designed to support us in overcoming this illusory personal nature of rejection. Negative illusions and beliefs are most effectively shifted into more positive ones when we practice doing just exactly, and only that. One of the best means of all for shifting our point of view regarding rejection is to commit to giving up complaining for a certain period of time. Just do it! There is such great freedom in consistently having positive conversations with yourself, it is amazing that more people don't do that naturally! So many more techniques exist for supporting us in this practice of not taking rejection personally, that to go over them here would be redundant. Seek what you need to seek, and you will find it. It's the information age after all!
Overcoming our core self-worth issues when they are negative in nature, is so fundamental to our being successful, that there have to be many different means for doing that put in front of us all, because everyone will resonate with one or two, but not all of the means provided. The practice of picking the techniques and processes that feel the best to you will most effectively support your goal achievement, because that would be akin to going with the flow. We do have essential internal natures that are very specific in our preferences, and to honor that truth is to play the game of life in a way that leaves struggle and efforting behind. Those two things may have been useful in the past, even necessary, but not necessarily any more. In this way, by seeking and sampling many means and methods, you get to pick and choose which ones work best for you, which are the most efficient, or simply those you like working with the best. In this way you always get to say the way you play!© Because until you allow yourself to play this game of success the way that most resonates with your core nature, you will be fighting the one most influential person in your life: you! Now that's the way to play that is personal, but in a very useful, and successful way.

The question is: "What way do you say you want to play?"

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“Degrees and pieces of paper aside, the only real success we can ever have is in the creation of who we are, what we do, and what we manifest in every moment, from this moment on!” . . . TB Wright, Author/Inventor.
In addition to disseminating the transformational seminar The One Penny Millionaire!™ throughout the world, TB Wright has enjoyed a long and distinguished career in the roles of communicator, writer, and seminar leader.
· Executive Director and coursework creator The Mastery Project, conducted with prison inmates in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Texas.
· Licensed Avatar© Master, worldwide transformational seminar series.
· Guest Seminar Leader, Landmark Educational Corporation, empowering participants to breakthrough throughout the world.
· Staff member in New York and San Francisco, The Six Day intensive life altering courses.
· Forum© Leaders program participant by invitation.
· Communications aide to presidents Richard M. Nixon and Gerald R. Ford in a non-political capacity.
· Awarded Presidential Service Citation.
· Professor of English, science fiction and short story writer, published poet nominated for The Pushcart Prize In Poetry.
· Executive Editor at Xerox Corporation, editor at The Texas Review, editor of The Alfred Review.
· Business owner, The Wright Builders, Inc., and ABI, A Better Inspection.
· Founding Member and President of the board,The Katuah Sudbury School in Asheville, NC.
· Published Writer, Acronyming POWER Your Life! and Be BAD! Do Good! How To Get What You Want In Spite Of Yourself!
· Coursework creator The One Penny Millionaire!™ (onepennymillionaire.com)
· Licensed Practitioner for the teachings of the Science of Mind, and active student of ancient Toltec wisdom.
TB Wright currently resides in beautiful Asheville, N.C. with his daughter, Alyssa, and son, Nicolas.