Most people think that they're very ordinary, very normal—or said the other way around, "Well, there's nothing special about me," or, "What's special about me?"

The fact is, there's another group of people who say that everybody has a gift to give, something unique. For a Mozart, of course, the gift comes in the framework of music, whereas a Shakespeare's gift comes in the theater and in literature.

Now, I know very few of us will have a gift of the monumental proportions of a Mozart or a Shakespeare; however, I would suggest to you that part of the reason for that gift is that they passionately pursued it.

Now, listen, it's a belief system that you want to adopt—and that's what makes the difference. Do you believe that you're not special, there's nothing special about you…or do you choose to believe that everybody has a gift to give? You're going to pull yours out, refine it, pursue it with passion, and make a contribution to this world.

The choice is yours. You know, we talk about think and grow rich, and this think part—well, what do you choose to believe? What you choose to believe is thinking, and what you choose to believe will lay the tracks of your destiny. Underachiever, normal, nothing special, or someone who has a gift to give…

Passion. I can't even tell you how much better you'll feel in every single moment when you're passionate. Passionately pursuing and making the world better for other people—it's only thinking, but thinking is the cause. The prosperity, the passion, the fulfillment, the actualization, the love in your life, the number of quality relationships you have, is the result!

Yes, listen to people whom you know intuitively have discovered the secret—and it's not that hard to find. A lot of them are out there teaching it!

See? Grab hold. Think rich. We're telling you you've got to think rich, and we're giving you many, many different angles to look at this. It's like looking through a kaleidoscope—we're giving you that many different angles.

Your results will be the actualization and the prosperity that you desire—if you're courageous enough to one, believe, two, adopt, and three, commit to moving on the beliefs that enlightened contributors, enlightened receivers, demonstrate!

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