Life is funny – it gives you so many attractive options to choose from and makes you decide on just one that will help fulfill your dreams. So, if you are aiming to become a big name or if you want to do something great– how should you go ahead and achieve that? How in the blazes can you make a choice that will prove itself correct down the line?

First and foremost, you have to get some kind of mind control going. Paint in your mind a vision of yourself doing whatever you feel you actually should be doing. This visualization must not be frivolous – rather, it must be a full-fledged serious activity. For example, if you dream of running a big business one day, you must visualize yourself in that role – wearing the kind of clothes top honchos do, sitting in a plush chair in a room with a breathtaking view, motivating your employees, making presentations during conferences, and maybe even receiving big awards for your achievements.

Another great way of visualizing your future avatar would be to find a role model and imitate him or her. When you do this, you are following an established benchmark, which can make your visualization task much easier and help you stay focused on your goal.

Remember the mind is an extremely powerful tool. If you visualize yourself holding audiences spellbound during a speech or winning an honor, then your mind will not just imagine the scenarios – it will also give you ideas on how you can achieve your goal. Whatever you are visualizing, no matter how far-fetched, your mind will direct you to it. Many people use statements, affirmations, physical reminders, chants, and many other things they feel could remind them of and goad them on to their goal. Relying on a support group to egg you on can be a great morale booster too!

There's one thing in this visualization exercise: You have to stay positive. The minute you start getting doubts or negative thoughts, you cannot attain your goals. If you think negatively, you will be leaning on excuses because they are easy to come by. Mind control and focus can help you think positively and influence you to your advantage. Take a look around you and observe – you will notice some people are walking erect, looking upbeat; some are slouching over, looking gloom; some have deadpan expressions. What does that tell you? It tells you in simple terms about how the mind works on some of these people. The upbeat guys are happy because they sport a positive frame of mind; the sad guys are looking glum because they may have resigned to their fate.

In the end, you must focus on what is it that you want to do – Do you want to be an actor? Or, do you want to climb the Mount Everest? Or, do you want to be an author? Whatever it is that you want to be, it is your choice. So think hard about it, and once you have made up your mind – go for it.

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