Last week I was forced to publicly admit to a large audience of business owners that I’m an American Idol fan. It slipped out when I asked who was following Taylor Hicks’ rise to success, as it was a perfect example of the point I was making.

Not surprisingly, many knew about Taylor, even if it was just because their teenager spent two hours voting for him the night prior. Here’s the thing about this Idol contestant: he’s a gray-haired, slightly out of shape, average looking 30 year old who can’t dance, with a voice that Simon described as “bad karaoke.” Not someone you would expect to rule American Idol.

And yet he did. He captured my heart when I was flipping channels and happened to see his audition. From that moment on I was hooked! Never seen anything like him, and it turns out the rest of America came under Taylor’s spell too.

Here’s what he did to create a meteoric rise (and what you can too): he was simply true to himself. Taylor did it his way. He didn’t dye his gray hair, he didn’t stop trying to dance, he didn’t give up his unique style of singing, and he engaged his audience with his passion for performing. He was outlandish, fun, and unique. People couldn’t help but respond to his incredible charisma.

My point to the business owners was that creating success isn’t about doing things “right,” it’s about being yourself. When you are true to yourself, doing what feels good to YOU, rather than following tried and true “rules,” you can’t help but succeed.

And that’s not what we’re taught in school or by the experts.

When starting my coaching practice years ago, I was repeatedly told not to market as an attraction coach, not to use a flash website, not to use pictures or music on the site, not to rely on electronic marketing, not to quit my day job (since it would take over a year to build a full time practice), to use contracts requiring specific time commitments, sample session everyone possible, and offer services for free or discounted just to get exposure.

Even though I’d paid good money for this advice, I instead did what felt good. I do market myself as an attraction coach, I have a flash website with music and pictures, I did rely entirely on electronic marketing to build my practice in a record three months after I left my financial services career, I don’t use contracts, and I don’t push sample sessions.

I did what felt right to me, in my style, true to myself. I was authentic in my business. And that propelled me to success in astonishing ways. It’s also why Taylor as an older, out of shape, gray-haired, bad dancer created a following that no other Idol has experienced.

So look at how you’re conducting yourself in business, relationships and life overall. Are you being true to yourself? Are you offering the gift of YOU to the world? If not, this is where you make adjustments to launch yourself to a whole new level of success.

Identify ways you’re being inauthentic by looking at what areas in life you’re experiencing a loss of power, freedom, self-expression or peace of mind. Look for situations where you’re lying, hiding or pretending something about yourself.

Be brave and clean it up. Be the real you. There is no better way to succeed! In fact, your success (whether in relationships or at work) depends on your ability to be authentic. Not to mention it just plain feels good!

Honestly, if Taylor can sweep American Idol, anything is possible! Discover the secret to your success by embracing your true self. Not only will you have better relationships and results professionally, you’ll have fun doing it!

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Jeannette Maw is an Attraction Coach and founder of Good Vibe Coaching, specializing in helping others get what they want using the powerful Law of Attraction. Free tips and strategies to make your wish list come true are yours by signing up for her Get What You Want ezine at