A lot of people say to me, "Ted, you just seem so sincere and so honest, and you just don't seem to have so many pretentions." Well, I would say I'm sure my redneck Ciubas, my brothers and sisters and my family members, wouldn't mind another beer brawl down Broadway.

When people think that I seem so down-home and unpretentious…folks, it's because I came from down-home and unpretentious. I mean, when I'm talking about having another beer brawl down Broadway—well, now that I have a certain number of years and a little bit of maturity, I know now that that's not normal. I didn't know then that wasn't normal.

Redneck on the edge of the canyon…what made the difference? Why did I step out, accelerate, excel, beyond others?

Well, I believe we're back to The NEW Think and Grow Rich philosophy again, back to point #1—Desire. And it's not just desire, because most of the people I run across have desire. But they have desire for something intangible or indefinite, and they can't decide what that really is.

You and I, we're thinking, "Good GOD. It's a world of free will! You mean I get to be the one who decides how I'm going to use these gifts that God or the Gods have given me? The gift of life, an ability to express myself for a certain amount of time—I'm the one who gets to decide? Baby, I'm ON IT!"

There's a big difference between the two. I encourage you to embrace your opportunity to decide, and to jump on and scramble all over the execution of the deepest desires and dreams that you design.

Your life is passing—you will be history soon. Why not contribute today, and have a good name tomorrow?

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Ted Ciuba, “living legend” and bestselling author of The NEW Think and Grow Rich, Ted Ciuba is one of the world's top human potential trainers. He helps people find, define, and actualize their passions to transmute their intangible desires into real money. To find out more about Ciuba, how he can help you, and to collect $297 worth of free gifts visit HoloMagic.com