Now, you must be wondering what do relationships and mutual funds have in common? It’s called ‘Investment” dude and meant only for those who would take the risk of “Return on Investment” (ROI).

One has to invest time, emotions and a bit of oneself into a relationship before its starts giving back. Besides, there is always a chance that the opposite person may not reciprocate. So, that would be zero return on investment.

Now take the term “subject to market risks”. There are so many elements clamouring for attention, such as work pressures, zero tolerance, race against time, stiff competition, so much so that emotions run high and sometimes hit the ceiling. There is a sudden dip (inflation) maybe in the form of a separation or mere conflict of interests...and then again a raise, in terms of togetherness and love, and you are on a winning streak.

So much for investment; now let’s talk about spending what is earned.

All around us we see that consumerism and spending has increased big time! But are we that generous when it comes to spending our emotions?

We celebrate love in the gifts that we buy or the parties that we throw. Does our love correspond to the amount spent? Hah! Take for instance a bauble; Ghosh! Love has turned mighty expensive.

Let’s say, you are watching a good movie with your loved one, but your mind is cluttered with thoughts of all you have to do at the office tomorrow to prepare for a meeting taking place next week. A good example of life passing you by!

Stop! Invest in the moment as you clear your head and allow yourself to be more vibrantly present. Enjoy the movie and the company of whomever you are with.

Do we really invest our emotions anymore? If we don’t invest now, how will we spend?

But of course….always read the fine print - “Please read the offer document carefully before investing”. We don’t want to impulsively invest where we know that there won’t be any returns we? Be it money or emotions!!

But then, there are some so rich, that to them the loss would be negligible and even though there are no returns, it would still be worth the gamble.
C’est la vie!!

Author's Bio: 

Arlene Clarence is a Secretary by Profession for the past 17 and more years. She finds an emotional solace in writing about issues, experiences and events from mundane life as it happens. Life can be a complex puzzle that feels overwhelming to say the least. Her 'Just-a-Pause' series of articles is just an endeavor to share these thoughts in as unusual a manner, so that it resonates well with people. Read her articles with profound viewpoints.