Every once in a while a song comes on the radio that brings with it a flash from the past. Times you loved, times you hope you never have to repeat, and times that make you just smile. They induce a sense of nostalgia; they can lift you out of a dark place, and make you feel connected to the world - a sense that you are not alone.

That happened to me when this familiar tune came on. I started belting out the chorus, not even aware of the people in cars surrounding me who may have thought I was cuckoo. This is what I heard...

"Cause you can't jump the track/We're like cars on a cable/ And life's like an hourglass, glued to the table/No one can find the rewind button, boys/ So cradle your head in your hands/ And breathe, just breathe/ Woah breathe, just breathe" -- Anna Nalick

And there was my reminder...just breathe! I needed that. Rather than wishing you a Happy New Year, I'm going to break the mold and say instead, "Just breathe."

It's January, which for most of us means the month of determination. January is a loaded month. Some of us feel more courageous with a fixed purpose. For others, January feels more like an assignment: a month filled with duties and chores. What we MUST get done, or else. We can be so hard on ourselves.

Just breathe.

Rather than putting a heap of must-dos on our calendars, let's commit to life differently. Not a life where we have to do anything, something, many things - but a life where we can just be. "Being" is a very, so, in essence, we are "doing" something. We're being. And, we're just breathing.

With the sense of renewal that creeps upon us in this glorious, hopeful, new month of January, let us entrust our lives differently than we have in years past. Let us commit in a way that is just being, and just breathing. In order to help YOU to just breathe, this month I'm sharing a list with you. These are things you can practice on an ongoing basis - no schedule involved. They are also ways of 'being' that will bring positive changes to every area of your life.

1. Trust. Know that God/Infinite Intelligence/Perfection within is the true source of peace, harmony and abundance.

2. Free Will. Accept responsibility for life and that everything that happens is deliberately created - consciously or unconsciously.

3. Non-judgment. Make a decision not to judge anything or anybody including yourself.

4. Forgiveness. Choose to practice forgiving everyone for whom there was less than unconditional love.

5. Oneness. Choose to practice seeing the perfection in everyone just the way they are.

6. Love. Recognize that fear is withholding love - so commit to the practice of feeling unconditional love for people, places and things that cause even a tinge of fear.

7. Joy. Accept that any improvement in the quality of life is your own responsibility - so choose to feel the joy within more and more each day.

8. Gratitude. Realize that the universe is a mutual support system. Choose to use every situation as an opportunity to gratefully give and receive the support that will bring the most abundance.

9. Purpose. Commit to regularly review and upgrade your life's purpose, seeking greater understanding of God's will and the power to carry it out.

We receive reminders for these commitments to life in many forms: conversations with friends, a book with a familiar message, in discussion with our significant others, or even in reminiscent songs such as Anna Nalick's. Be reminded that the wheels of life forge ahead, whether we want them to or not.

"Cause you can't jump the track/ We're like cars on a cable/ And life's like an hourglass, glued to the table/ No one can find the rewind button, boys/ So cradle your head in your hands/ And breathe, just breathe/ Woah breathe, just breathe"

So, rather than saying "Happy New Year," (although I DO wish you that), let us deliberately create a new message to ourselves and others, saying simply, "Just breathe." Every new moment brings with it a stirring up - an awakening of the possibilities of what can be. This moment...This day...This month...This year - are filled with achievability, opportunity and hope!

Your Assignment this Week:

Put the points in the list above into action in your life. Add more to the list - make it your own.

Then, after a week or two, step back and view the results - the positive changes!

Author's Bio: 

Following her own 7-step model, Jennifer Ryan went from depressed psychotherapist to a recognized leader in the treatment of depression and anxiety using cognitive-behavioral therapy, life coaching, and the Naked Truth System which she co-developed.

Jennifer is the co-founder of I Choose Change and co-founder of the Naked Truth Change System, a hands-on, content-rich 7-step program for spiritually evolved individuals wanting to heighten their personal awareness or develop professionally.

Jennifer is known for her gentle, empathic demeanor who combines a fresh perspective and no-fluff, innovative strategies, to literally guide her clients into a new realm of thinking and being.

Her energetic spirit and no-holds-barred style leaves individuals excited, motivated, and ready for action. Jennifer's consistent stream of compassion filled with goal-driven action items help take participants to the next level.

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