How many times have we thought I wish they would just listen? Listening in itself is an art form, many people will hear you, though do not listen. This is why many a breakdown in marriage or relationship, is attributed to this one area.

Life throws us challenges daily and will continue to do so until the day we die, though one of most powerful things you can do to create a strong bond with your partner or friends is “Listen with the intent to understand”!

For those that have children, how often have they come up to you in the middle of something vying for your attention, and you commonly say “just wait a minute”? Not only does the response send a message of abrupt communication, it could have been the most resounding question of your childs life, and you have shut them down? No one is perfect though think before launching into them, stop and listen.

My best is advice is when someone close to you is talking, perhaps say “wait a moment let me get some clear head space, so I can take the time to listen to you properly”, then when you are ready say right “I am listening”.

Also look for the non verbal cues. With male and females, apart from the obvious differences, each communicate differently, and it takes practice to fully understand the opposite sex. For example a woman may say to her spouse “that rubbish bin looks full” a male will look at it and think “yes it is”. Though what the woman is meaning is “take the garbage out”. So when both people learn to understand the true meaning in what the other says, will there be harmony.

If you are a constant talker do not expect to learn, because the gold lay in listening, only then will you start to master life.

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Jason McDonald writes on metaphysics and helps people unlock their life purpose. Lyn his wife is a qualified professional counsellor and guides people back to good mental health. You can visit their site to find out more useful information at