Though this may at first seem like a strange idea, it is really nothing more than a simple verbalization of something we are all doing on a constant basis. Every thought that we think, every action we take, everything that we see, hear or experience is in fact doing this. Building our Karma.

And if this is the case, surely we would be able to willfully develop and build a karmical design which offers us a better future. A future of our own choice and design.

To best understand this, it might prove of value to consider the definition of Karma.

“The past as it affects the present”

Conversely it is also possible to say.

“The present as it affects the future”

And of course,

“The past as it affects the future”

Adding to this there is one other aspect which is held in common belief. Karma relates to a long term impact, and typically by definition spreads over life times and is usually held in terms of the soul life. The never ending existence of the being, irrespective of which body it occupies at any given moment in time.

And even though I guess it would be possible to view an action we took yesterday, as affecting what happens today, technically as a Karma driven result. I do not believe that this scenario would meet the second part of the definition for Karma. And as such and in this small context would not in itself qualify under this definition.

This said, and in a very interesting way, this does offer us a very significant example of how this works. In our lives now what we have done yesterday, will definitely have an impact on how our lives go today, and even tomorrow. And of course we have to remind ourselves that an action taken yesterday, will definitely have some impact (however small or large) on our soul life, throughout it’s future lifetimes.

So thinking about this some more. When deciding how to approach the subject of building Karma, one has to wonder what it is that you are actually building. And to define this better, I have one question which should clarify this significantly.

What is the only thing that you are able to transfer between lifetimes?..

When viewing this in the context of all pursuits of understanding of Reincarnation and Karma, the pursuit simply revolves around remembering. Remembering the past, that is. So the only thing that we carry throughout the entirety of our soul lifetime (which is unending) are the memories that we have accumulated, for the duration of our soul lives. The memories accumulated in all of our physical and spirit lifetimes combined.

So what is Karma Building?

Simply adding new memories to your already very significant memory banks. Memories that you can have design control over if you choose.

Of course even if you choose not to proactively design your future, you are building it by default. And the default is life choosing your memories for you. And unless your life is 100% perfect, it is probably not a bad idea to start designing and building as soon as possible….

Author's Bio: 

Pieter Heydenrych is a Rieki master who has created a resource at dedicated to teaching non religiously affiliated meditation to all who wishes to learn it. Pieter has also published an e-book which explains the intricacies of Reincarnation in detail.