Health requires certain criteria: Capacity to learn, willingness to take responsible actions, avoiding toxins, seeking those who can help and who are willing to help you.

I have reversed terminal cancers, ADD/ADHD, migraines, arthritis, cysts, herpes, nose polyps, irreversible nerve damage, hypoglycemia, suicidal depression and much more.

The price I charge for this? A thank you will do. And a smile helps. With all I have been through in life, cancer really isn't much of a challenge anymore. I have no fear of the flu, West Nile Virus, Rabies, AIDS, herpes, polio, smallpox, anthrax, etc. Because I know how NOT TO GET THEM! And I know how to cure them. **When the cause of illness is known, the cure is obvious**. Yes, I do know what causes illness. And nearly all illness is avoidable.

Medical doctors in the USA will tell you they do not know what causes the common cold. Ever wonder why? I know what causes it. It is easy to avoid it. If you are willing to learn and use your new health information, you can avoid and reverse illness, without the use of toxic drugs. I have well over 11,000 hours of health research and healing to draw upon. I don't teach what I've read out of a book. I teach because I know it can be done; because I have done it and continue to do it!

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My mentor said to me: If you can't walk your talk, don't talk. I walk my talk.

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Dave Kazda
Holistic Healer

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I am a holistic healer; And I teach those who wish to learn. With all I have been through in life, cancer really isn't much of a challenge anymore.