When I do yoga, I feel free, open and wonderful. When I don’t sleep, I feel confused, irritated and fat. I don’t do yoga everyday, (although I want to!) and it’s not like I never sleep. I feel imbalanced, though, over time with just a little too much of this, and not enough of that, and before you know it, I’m a mess! What to do? Educate myself, try to balance my time and keep striving to make tomorrow a little better.

I’ve known since I was young that I am a “highly sensitive” person. I even bought the book. I know that what I put in my body affects me. I know that how I take care of my body, good or bad, affects all aspects of my life. Being “highly sensitive”, I feel things and I react (sometimes like a child) to the simplest of changes.

Like most people, through my teens and twenties, I tried a variety of diets, sleeping patterns, exercises, and different levels of alcohol consumption. Now approaching middle age, I certainly don’t have it all figured out, but I know what feels good, what doesn’t and how to choose between the two. I know that when I stay up fighting with my boyfriend until 2 a.m., I probably won’t feel too good in the morning. If I choose to stay up ‘til 2 a.m. dancing with my boyfriend, I will feel a bit tired, but happy. Stress is the killer. I also know that if I choose to eat greasy food for lunch everyday because it’s cheap and convenient, I’m going to feel negative about my body, and probably will be constipated for a week. The extra effort of thinking ahead, pre-planning my meals and taking them with me can be a hassle, but worth it for my mind and body.

Feeling good is important. No one can eat perfectly and be stress-free 100% of the time, but the effort is worth it. Just knowing that you are doing your best can build a confidence that laziness doesn’t offer. Just do what your grandmother said…eat your veggies, get out and play and get to bed at bedtime. Oh, and get the yoga mat out!

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Show host Leah Guy, creator of A Girl Named Guy Productions, is a recognized veteran in the wellness community and an internationally published author. The owner ofwww.AGirlNamedGuy.com and www.ModernSage.com, Leah’s vision for wellness motivates and enthuses. With a strong entertainment background, Leah possesses a witty personality and an engaging appeal that helps her connect with an impressive array of viewers. She has developed a gift for exploring life’s issues and people's deepest concerns with understanding and empathy.