There are many ways of achieving success. As a practicing Astrologer and a Kabbalist
I have tried to analyze the factors that help us succeed in life. The more we can avoid the mishaps or waste of our resources, the greater will be our success.

I classify people in two groups: the working bees and the lucky ones who grab all opportunities while most people miss them.

Opportunity and hard work contribute mostly to success in any project. To be aware of a window of opportunity, you have to look for it. You see, everything depends on being aware and then, after becoming aware, we must not sit back but rather put in the efforts needed to take advantage of the opportunity to get what we are looking for.

Be always ready to work hard when you get a chance to move ahead. Be aware of what is going on around you, then seize any opening as soon as you see it. The greatest sin on earth is our indifference to a situation, good or bad. Opportunities are too few. It is possible to measure them in a chart. About four great opportunities present themselves in our entire life when we can reach the climax astrologically. There are also about four negative cycles that require great caution and proper handling of circumstances.

In your orbit there will be people who will help you materialize your dreams or lead you to your doom. It is remarkable to note how important a role, positive or negative, some people (only three or four) play in our entire lives.

Unbeknown to us, some people will lead us astray with their best intentions and we will end up in a ditch. Such people belong to a certain class that dreams dreams not confined to the materialistic domain. Such people have a dramatic or hypnotic effect (if you will) upon our lives. There is a subtle difference between talking sweetly and doing good. Those who make statements most pleasing to our ears, their actions may be most displeasing to our mind or soul. I am talking about the illusionists. Such personalities use a technique of mass hypnosis. There are some examples in the world history where it was used with disastrous results. Rasputin and Hitler used such a technique and mighty was the harm done to humanity. On the other side of the fence were Gandhi and Lord Buddha who did much good on a very high level.

Please beware of the first-mentioned class of individuals for they exist. I have come across quite a few. They can make you forget your goal in life and steer you in a direction you will hardly realize until it is too late or you have reached a point of no return.

Then there is a class of optimists who never give up. They forge ahead in face of all adversities and opposition. They bring hope to humanity. We owe them a lot since they encourage us to carry on. That is why we need great leaders who are endowed with vision and undying faith in themselves and others. The positive thinkers, in some of the most challenging times of this planet like the world wars and grave calamities, have uplifted humanity out of the quagmire of pessimism and hopelessness. No matter how difficult the circumstances be, we can survive if we do not lose faith. It is my firm belief that a problem and its solution are both born at the same time in accordance with the law of duality of creation.

I can analyze all this from a natal chart of an individual. Knowledge of facts can save a lot of wasted effort. The fewer mistakes we make while working on a project, the greater will be the success because of a low degree of wasted time and effort.

Success can be choreographed immaculately keeping in mind certain factors. Here is the formula. First choose (Kabbalistically) the appropriate location, then prepare a team of people (each person must harmonize with the others) and the propitious cycle (time) that will last from the conception through the completion of the project. (Read “The Art & Craft of Success: 10 Steps” for more details).

You can be sure that in this case success will be achieved since we have measured every component carefully, avoiding all the negative elements. Napoleon said: “It is the calculation that wins.” Achieving success (on a material plane) is more or less a formula in any project. F

Failure is mostly the result of the following:

1. The players of a team neutralize the energy of the other players (disharmony).
2. Inappropriate location chosen because of convenience or economic factors.
3. Wrong timing for getting the best out of the whole team. Mind you, each player’s vibration contributes to the success or failure of a project.
4. The bosses lack vision and perception of most vital facts about the competition,
5. Not enough focus given to the project till success is achieved.
6. An unrealistic deadline forces the team to use slip shod methods to finish the job.

Projects of very big magnitude require greater vision and comprehension of vital facts and factors than the smaller ones. All innovative projects carry a very high risk forcing us to use our mind at its best. Higher faculties of mind are needed in all projects wherein the public good is involved because we will be trying to alter the lives of those affected.

The key factors for success or failure can be seen in advance in the charts of the players involved in a project. May you always be crowned with success!

Ostaro, Hindu Astrologer, New York, Author, “The Art & Craft of Success: 10 Steps” and
Co-Author “101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life”, Vol. 3.

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Hindu Astrologer, Author "The Art & Craft of Success: 10 Steps", Co-Author "101 Great Ways to Improve Your Life", Vol 3. Host "The Ostaro Show", Time Warner Cable TV, NY.