It is important that kidney stones are removed from the body as soon as possible. The longer they are in the body the bigger they become. As they increase in size the discomfort will increase. This can also cause a greater risk for needing surgery to remove the kidney stones from the body.

In the majority of situations, a person will be able to pass their kidney stone through their urine. Although it might be painful, it generally is not necessary for invasive surgery to be performed.

Kidney stone removal surgery not a one option procedure. There are several different surgical procedures that can assist in removing kidney stones. Many of them are not invasive.

Kidney stones are an extremely common health condition. Unbelievably, an estimated 10% of the population of the United States will have at least one kidney stone in their lifetime.

An estimated 1% of those individuals will need to have a kidney stone removal surgery. An even smaller percentage have to undergo an invasive surgical procedure, where he or she will be put to sleep.

There are several reasons a person can end up having a kidney stone, and often the doctors are unable to narrow the cause down to one thing or another. Some cases with kidney stones can be considered genetic or heredity and others are caulked up to be caused by the diet of the individual.

Treating kidney stones can vary depending on the cause for the stones. Your treatment can vary from increasing your fluid intake daily to surgery. Although there are some non-invasive procedures, it is slightly possibly you will need to undergo an invasive procedure.

Non-invasive surgical procedures consist of a small instrument being guided into the uterer and then removing the stone with a gripping type mechanism. Others will use a laser to destroy the kidney stone.

The more invasive kidney stone removal surgery include actually having a general anesthetic and a recovery period. You will have an incision done, it is a very small incision that is only big enough to allow the tube to pass into your body.

Depending on the size of the kidney stone and where it is will be a weighing factor in your individual procedure. It might be necessary for the doctor to use another tool to break the stone into smaller parts for easier removal.

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