If a single woman is not as sexually interested in you for romance as you are in her, then your relationship has a basic weakness that may be an insolvable problem.

In other words, if you are the only one making sexual advances, if you feel as though it's a battle to get her interested or aroused, if she never takes the initiative to make the right time and place for sex to occur, if she's not interested in exploring new positions or locations, if she's never interested in round 2 or 3, or if she never initiates spur of the moment sex, then she's probably not sexually attracted to you.

Oh, she likes you fine, and you are convenient to her at this time in her life. You provide security, you are safe, or for any of a thousand reasons she is with you, but she's not sexually interested in you. And that makes your hold on her very weak. When you are no longer convenient to her, or she meets someone who does turn her on, you have no further hold on her and she's gone.

Don't fall for her excuses. The specific ones: This isn't the right time; I don't feel well; not here, someone might come by; that hurts me; I just took a shower; we don't have time. Or the general ones: I'm still suffering from a bad relationship and need time; I have a lot of important things on my mind; I'm overweight and self-conscious about my body.

These are just that, excuses. She may actually believe them but don't you fall for them. If she was really sexually attracted to you, then there would be no need for excuses. Things aren't going to get better. There will always be an excuse.

This situation is bad for you not only because of your frustration, but because of your self-esteem. Constantly being told by someone's actions that you are not sexy is not good for your self-image.

So when there is no sexual magic, start looking for her replacement. Don't dump her until you've found one because your search is easier when you have a girl - but start looking today.

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