Back in 1939, a Russian Jewish immigrant songwriter was away from home for an extended time, working on a movie in Beverly Hills.

Legend has it he was homesick while separated from his wife and children, and at that time, wrote some parts of a song and then stored away the incomplete, half written work in a "song trunk."

After two years had passed, he dusted off the half written song and put the finishing touches on it.

He called it the best song he's ever written.

It was a simple song.

54 words.

67 notes.

The songwriter was Irving Berlin.

The song was White Christmas.

It became the best selling song in the world.

To this day, it is an enduring symbol of Christmas, the spirit of the Holiday season and evokes warm, loving memories for millions of people around the world.

It has been recorded countless times by countless artists and featured in countless movies.

Ivring Berlin could neither read or write musical notation but still managed to compose over 1000 other songs, which are considered the foundation of our American songbook.

Think about it.

The biggest selling song in history, the definitive Christmas song, written by a Russian Jewish immigrant who had no exposure to the Christmas holiday as a child.

The biggest selling song in history (and 1000 other songs) written by someone who couldn't read or write musical notation.

Don't ever let anyone tell you you can't do something.

You can achieve anything you can conceive.


What unfinished "song," idea or project do you have stored away somewhere, perhaps in a drawer, in a box, or even in your own imagination?

What dream lives in your heart that you long to share with the world?

What gifts have you been blessed with that you're not giving yet?

Perhaps the time wasn't right, or you were not quite ready to step into your own greatness yet.

Perhaps now is the time.

Perhaps 2007 is the year you are meant to bring it to life.

What dreams could you reignite if you dusted them off and brought them to life?

Now is your time.

As we head into 2007, you are given the chance to begin anew...


Any dream.

A New Year brings New Life...

New Year, New Life.

Live Your Dreams

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