From projects that empower children and their families, to projects that support charities for children in the developing world; many Landmark Education graduates have undertaken projects that make a difference for children in their communities. Here are several stories that give examples of this, with links back to where the original stories appeared.

Make a Film Foundation Empowers Critically Ill Children to Make Movies

It began with an email Tamika Lamison received: “If you could do anything, what would you do?” Lamison’s thought was that she would be one of those people that granted wishes to sick children. When Lamison completed Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program in 2006, she took on turning that dream into reality. An accomplished actor, writer and director, Lamison had plenty of contacts in Hollywood. It struck here–Why not support sick young people in making their dreams come true through film?

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Dancing to Make a Difference

Rishi Modi is passionate about dancing. So he created a project in the Self-Expression and Leadership Program that created a dance workshop for children. Specifically, he chose to work with the St. Catherine Home for Underprivileged Children. As he created the project, he asked the aid of Sandip Soparrkar to lead the workshop for the children, who generously agreed to take part.

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Sweetwaters Helps Aids Orphans

Sweetwaters is a South African community dying of AIDS. Currently 196 homes housing in excess of 500 children are parentless and without adult supervision. These orphaned children live in a culture being shredded by AIDS. Love Is All We Need is a charity committed to diverting what will be a catastrophic outcome for children, communities, a country.

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Love Project Empowers Kids to Give Back to Moms

Linda Kamka created “Project with Love” as her community project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program. The project was a fundraisher which inspired her local community in Orange, CA, to donate new jewelry, which would then be passed on to kids in the care of the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. These children weren’t able to get presents for mother’s day, and with the help of the project, each one was able to select a piece to give to their mother.

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Teddy Bears for Tramautized Children

Landmark Education graduate Matt Woosley and his State Farm branch teamed up with the local rotary club and firefighters to make available teddy bears to traumatized children. The project was written about in the Peoria Times of Peoria, Arizona—Click below to read that story:

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