I'm walking down a section of Oak Creek here in Sedona Arizona where the water has literally cut into the Red Rock itself. The river bottom and walls are solid red rock carved in waves and curves of amazing shapes finer than any sculptor could conceive of. It is so beautifully conceived-birthed by Nature that I feel a thrill of energy flowing through me. I am stopped in my tracks...my "world stops". I pause, as I stand still it all comes to a stand still. I look around at the giant boulder perched impossibly, perfectly balanced...I see the "hoodoo", the guardian Indian Spirit that has manifested in a perfect statue half way up the cliff wall...I see the delicately placed accents of the tufts of river grass...the cliffs, the pink painting of the sun's rays on the clouds...I see the tree growing out of the crack in the solid rock wall as if perfectly placed by a Japanese Zen Master to add a final touch to this "Garden".

And then it hits me...what I see all around me in overflowing abundance is what every artist, every painter, sculptor, writer, poet, movie maker, musician, is trying to imitate in their work! Every artist is trying to imitate, to replicate, to make a copy of this inherent natural beauty! We are all just copying-plagiarizing-imitating the Divine Artist, Source...God.

A few years ago $300 million dollars of Rembrandts were stolen from the Gardener museum in Boston. It became a huge uproar, shook the "Art World", newspaper articles were written about it, it made the national news with an accompanying $5 million reward offered for the safe return of the 'art'.

These "irreplaceable", "priceless", pieces of art are all forgeries!

We are Desperate for something Real.

These stolen "Art Masterpieces" are all copies plagiarized from the Divine Artist. They are all copies of the real energy-art-masterpiece. They are "flat" images reduced to 2 dimensional, "static "(dead), old, crumbling paint, on canvas wall hangings imitating the real world of life energy. We reward artists on being able to "copy" what they see "out there" in the real world. Or perhaps they transmit to us a bit of what is not seen by most people, a bit of "impressionism" a bit of "creative license" in creating an impression of the Divine that most of us don't see. They copy a bit of God-light reflecting, dispersing in unusual ways...and we then call them "masters"...while the real Master most often goes unseen...the same divine artist, lover, source, consciousness, God, Goddess...who gives everything...and anything to us that we wish...for free. But we are so far fallen from just being, just feeling, just sensing, really seeing what is all around us that we are willing to pay the artists to help us "Stop" and bring our worlds to a "stand still" and catch a glimpse of what is really all around us all the time- the pulsating energetic thought of Love-God-Creator in its millions of manifestations. We are so consumed by our consumerism and unable to just "Be still and know that I Am God" that we are willing to pay people to help us do this. We will gladly trade our money for a glimpse of the Divine Artist, something real, something that will Move us, move our e-motions (energy in motion)...And this is what I do. I sit with people and transmit the timeless Beingness energy into people and they give me money. The Moment, the All That Is, Love, Peace, Infinite Source Awareness is after all the most valuable commodity in the Uni - Verse (the Song of One), just as it should be. And now people will be more and more willing to share their money for the "peace that passeth all (their) understanding." It is no "work" on my part when I assist others. It is a relaxing and being filled with energy, with love, with hilarity, with spontaneity, with Source and sharing it like a tuning fork with others. This Source is imminently practical, it knows exactly what to do next to bring the most enjoyment, ease, abundance, peace, love, and comfort into each of our lives. If we let this "Source" into us and allow it to operate through us it will effervesce onto the world around us and reflects back to us gifts of enjoyable energy and support in whatever form we need. It will bring us money, real safety, real security, a real love partner, true vocation-work in the world and a beautiful satisfying peace.

The "Art" of Limitless Energy.

But in our current "fallen" creation almost all of us have turned away from the Free Gifts, the unlimited energy of All That Is. We try to own, contain, corral, enclose, limit, fix, stop, keep, the unlimited free energy of Love-Source-God. We try to buy "priceless" pieces of art to give us a hit of this Divine energy. It doesn't really work, so we settle for status and envy from others by owning this "famous" artist.

We have taken for granted the unlimited energy all around us to the point where we don't appreciate it or even notice it very often. The "art" of limitless energy, of Love, of anything we want, is available all around us at any time we choose. We have brought this idea that there is nothing for free so far down now that we are now selling water and air to each other. Water and air! The two most plentiful things on the planet and we have now polluted them so much that we have to buy clean air and water from each other! Unbelievable but true. Just like we are under the spell that there isn't free Love-Source-God energy available to all of us inside our Selves. Our inner beliefs create a direct reflection of our outer reality. And more and more instantly as time is speeding up and dimensions are collapsing into One.

Free Energy is available today! There are inventors that have invented "zero point energy" machines today. That is a fact no matter that our collective unbelief mostly immediately dismisses it as "impossible", "not practical" or whatever. We are so programmed to toil, slavery, pain, misery, that we are unable and unwilling to believe the Free Energy that Source-God wants to give to us. If you are interested in a real attempt to bring these free energy machines to us the people, look up http://www.seaspower.com/ where Dr. Steven Greer is spearheading a real, backed with money and scientific experts attempt at going directly to the people and setting us free from a geopolitics of war and control based on a global oil economy. At least add your consciousness to those who believe it's possible.

The Sistine Chapel is a Forgery!

Michelangelo spent about 7 years painting the Sistine Chapel. It is considered an irreplaceable piece of art history. Mother Earth has spent millions of years creating the canyon, the sculpted red rocks I am looking at.

I met some people at the entrance where I parked. They drove a beautiful new Cadillac; they had obvious expensive well tailored clothes on. The man got out of his car and took three pictures of the red rocks with his disposable camera. He told me they had "seen" the Grand Canyon earlier and now were "seeing" Oak Creek and Sedona as part of their trip. "Beautiful isn't it?" he said. I said "Yes I think so too." I offered that there was an easy place to stop at down the road where they could walk through the apple orchard and see for themselves the sculpted red rocks I was going down to. He looked at his watch and said they had to get to the hotel to keep their schedule.

How much do we really "see" around us of the eternal timeless sculpted creation? Do we feel into it, feel the passage of time, the eternal quiet, and hear the wind caressing the cliffs, the passing of eons?

It's there waiting for us...forever...for us to "turn around" and when we do... we "stop" our minds and feel...and the real Artist the source of all "art" awakens with--in us.

Author's Bio: 

Tobias Lars, BS, MBA, Mensa, is a spiritual counselor, life coach and business consultant from Sedona, Arizona. Over the past 25 years he has been a partner of two international trading firms, a yoga teacher, national spiritual seminar leader, poet, musician, and is the author of the upcoming book, Awakening Souls. Visit his website at www.soulcounseling.com. His email address is tobiaslars@soulcounseling.com.