Something very special happens at our conception. At that time, we are endowed with a blueprint of the way we are meant to be. This "blueprint" depends on many factors, chief among them are the characteristics and traits of our parents, and also their state of balance at our conception.

This "blueprint" helps to determine our physical, psychological, and behavioral traits, as well as our preferences and tastes. It also defines our ideal state of balance and equilibrium. Ayurveda refers to this as our Mind/Body Type, and it will be with us for our whole life.

When we learn our Mind/Body Type, it gives us insight into our basic nature. It helps us understand why we react to situations, circumstances, people, and stress in the way that we do. It also helps us to understand why other people will react to the same situations, circumstances, people and stress in a different way, that is consistent with their Mind/Body Type.

When we are in a balanced state, our reactions to situations will generally be constructive and healthy for relationships, however if our state of balance has been perturbed, we are likely to react in an unconstructive way. One person may get angry, while another may become anxious and worried.

But if we know our Mind/Body Type, it is easier to stay in a balanced condition because we learn what is nurturing for our Mind/Body Type. We learn what is best for us and we learn what is not good for us. We also learn the signs that indicate we should take steps to restore balance.

There are many factors that influence our state of balance, including diet, activities, lifestyle, emotions, stress, attitude, age, environment, and weather to name a few. We can control some of these factors or at least our exposure to these factors, to help us maintain balance, as long as we know how they affect us.

Your Mind/Body Type is also an important factor for skin care. It helps to determine which creams, oils, and other skin products are best for your particular type of skin. Everyone has different needs. Find out what is right for you.

Now you can determine your Mind/Body Type on-line over the internet! This unique web application takes you through an automated set of questions, then sends you the information on your specific Mind/Body Type, and describes the general traits and characteristics of that type and describes foods, activities, etc. that are most nourishing for you. All recommendations are natural. Start making the choices that are best for you! Visit

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Tim Larson developed the first computer program on Ayurveda. His mix of the ancient secrets of Ayurveda with the modern technology of computer programming brought a new interactive experience of Ayurveda, custom-tailored for the user.