Determining Lasik eye surgery cost is difficult when you're doing your due diligence and looking for the most affordable option because there doesn't appear to be a universal standard cost across the board.

Really, the only standard among Lasik centers is quoting per eye. The problem with determining average cost stems from several factors including the attractive specials often advertised; some quoting Lasik per eye at just a few hundred dollars.

If you're considering these then be sure to read the fine print and find out for sure if you really will qualify for Lasik at the cheap price. The truth is, Lasik eye surgery cost usually balloons out to more realistic levels by the time pre-screening has been completed.

Lasik Eye Surgery Cost

So how much does Lasik cost? Well, over the past twelve months, Lasik eye surgery cost has stabilized to some extent and will set you back about $2000 per eye. Yes, that does sound expensive and realistically it is but the purpose of this article is to bring a little reality to those considering cheaper options.

The reason the cost of Lasik rose significantly is because of new technologies which have been introduced including wavefront and laser-established flaps which have just cemented the procedure as a safe, result producing surgery.

The cost on average is about $600 more per eye than it was five years ago however, when you take into account the additional costs associated with the new technology then realistically, prices have remained pretty steady.

Price Of Lasik Will Continue To Rise

The feeling is while the cost of Lasik per eye currently sits at about $2000, this could rise even further over the next 18 months to two years simply because of the rate of advancement in laser eye surgery technology.

Wavefront or custom Lasik with intralase is on average about $3-$400 above the average price mentioned above. Intralase is a recent new technology which has been responsible for a rise in the average price.

If you are considering Lasik at the present time then now would certainly be a good time to visit a laser eye surgery center. Lasik eye surgery cost is not going to be dropping any time soon.

The thing to remember is, there are different variations of the procedure and you wont know exactly what you'll be required to pay until you've been properly screened and assessed.

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