Law of Attraction needing some new skills, to attract what you want, and less of what you fear? With the economy, and the climate changes, you probably hear about gas prices, and a weak economy each day. Ready to release your fears and focus your thoughts and actions in a positive way?

Here are some tips to focus your thoughts and actions on what you want.

1. When you hear other people fearing and worrying, press the pause button in your mind. Take a deep breath and let the fear go. When you focus on fear you attract more of what you are fearing. A deep breath and can release the fear, and bring you back to center. Remember, all fear is focused on what is happening in the future or past. Stay in the present moment and keep yourself focused, and choose to feel safe.

2. Schedule time in your schedule for meditation, and develop a mind that feels safe to be still. Habits of always being busy and on the go, will continue to put your emotions and old habits in the drivers seat. When you stop at first it feels unsafe and unfamiliar. Move through that feeling of being uncomfortable and develop a new feeling of being safe to be still.

3. Press pause in your busy day, focus on a word and your breath, and bring you back to the present moment. Determine a word or symbol to bring you back from the past or future. For me the symbol is a Dove. The Dove symbolizes inner peace and I love the song of the Dove. It makes me feel safe to be still.

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Author's Bio: 

Annie B Lawrence, Ph.D, is an Spiritual Life Coach Expert, with more than twenty years experience. She is the owner of Retreat and Heal LLC located in Sedona, Arizona, offering year round retreats and healing day packages. Annie is also a co-author in 101 Ways to Improve Your Health and author of the award winning Love's Secret Live Your Life In Love. Find her at