Well-intentioned relatives and cynical peers may call you a daydreamer and ask you to wake-up. Especially if you are a woman, they believe that you need to be "practical." But practical, in their eyes, may mean that you stay in the cage of ordinary reality. This cage is barred by their own limitations of what is or not possible. If you are trying to create a new life for yourself, their opinions may erode your faith in the possibility of manifesting your dream.

After a while, you start asking yourself if they are right and you are wrong. Take this self-assessment tool and find out if you are an Active Dreamer, someone who is creating a new life and working to manifest her dream; or if they are right, and you are just a daydreamer escaping reality. Add and subtract the points to find out. The results are on the second part of the article.

1A. They are right if you dream of having lots of things, living like the rich and famous, getting the latest sports car… and you do nothing to make it happen. (Minus 5pts)

1B. You are right if you dream of having a better quality of life, not only better or more things, but a life with meaning, joy, comfort and prosperity, and you keep searching a way to do it that makes you happy and adds value to the world. (Plus 5pts)

2A. They are right if you keep trying the latest get-rich-quick scheme, losing money in Pyramids and falling prey to con artists. (Minus 5pts.)

2B. You are right if you are researching, studying or strategizing to create a solid prosperity foundation in innovative ways, you seek the masters who have done it successfully and then spend time making it unique to who you are and what you have to offer. (Plus 5pts.)

3A. They are right if you dream of being an artist, writing a book or living from your passion, and spend your time talking about it, but doing nothing to make it come true. (Minus 3pts.)

3B. You are right if you dream of being an artist, writing a book or living from your passion, and you spend time talking about it in a positive manner, sharing your small successes and steps, and taking forwards steps ?even if they seem baby steps? to make it happen. (Plus 5pts.)

4A. They are right if you keep messing up because you have no grounding, no plan, no strategy and no discipline to make your dream come true. (Minus 3pts.)

4B. You are right if you make mistakes, learn from them and keep creating new strategies and implementing them with discipline, even if you have not make it yet! (Plus 5pts.)

5A. They are right if you are going for a field, career or business you hate and are becoming hard and closed-minded because you think only of making money, and not living life. (Minus 5pts.)

5B. You are right if you are declining the fields, careers or businesses that they believes make money, and ignoring the commonplace paths to prosperity in search for a unique path that is true to your values, talents and personality. (Plus 5pts.)

6A. They are right if you think they are right, no matter how wrong they are. (Minus 3pts.)

6B. You are right if you consult your heart, know your Soul’s Purpose, are loyal to yourself, seek mentors and teachers who know what they are doing, and move towards your dream with 100% commitment, no matter how long it takes or how hard it seems to be. (Plus 5pts.)

30-27 Points
You are definitely an Active Dreamer. Success is around the corner. Live your dream!

27 to 24 points
You are an Active Dreamer, but you need a community of dreamers who supports you. Seek to move in orbits of people who can enrich your perspective. You may also need specific coaching with skills, success, visibility or business.

24-21 Points
You are a dreamer who needs to seek help assessing her dream, developing a strategy and implementing it. You may also need to develop a new lifestyle that helps you manifest your dream, one day at a time. You become an Active Dreamer in the measure in which you take consistent daily action towards your dream.

20-18 Points
You are using fantasy to get out of a life that you don’t like. There is nothing wrong with that, but you need help in translating your imagination into action. You also need immediate guidance in tracking down the Inner Enemies of your Success.

18-15 Points
You are a daydreamer. You are a creative, passionate woman who values freedom and has her own mind. But hidden in your psyche lurk old emotions gathered around toxic, negative thoughts that are eroding your self-value. You may also feel that you are alone, and therefore you do not get help. Your daydreaming is becoming a way of escaping. You need to open the flow of the Law of Attraction in your life through specific positive thoughts that translate into action.

15 or less points.
You are a daydreamer. You are intuitively resisting the domestication of your imagination and defending your freedom and uniqueness. But you are being held back by learned beliefs and embedded feelings that you need to re-evaluate and release. Fantasy without strategy or action is an escape and a sign of despair. You need to build your faith and trust that your dreams can become a reality. Work on self-love, faith and a supportive atmosphere for your dreams.

As you can see, the difference between an active dreamer and a daydreamer is a matter of degrees. But the key factor is your willingness to commit your thoughts, emotions and actions to create your dream, one day at a time. No excuses.

Author's Bio: 

Maria Mar is a new renaissance woman who has freed her creative potential. She is a writer, spiritual teacher, visual artist, life coach and book writing coach and an internationally known shaman, as well as a dance-theatre performer. Maria has been featured in PBS, channel 13 and BronxNet television and numerous radio stations such as WBAI, WKCR (Columbia University Station), WADO (Spanish Radio), Brooklyn College Radio Station and La Nueva Onda 1190. Maria has brandished creative writing, arts & crafts and conscious living as tools for life transformation. She specializes in personal growth through the arts and freeing the creative process. She is known as the Dream Alchemist, revealing the Female Secrets in the Law of Attraction to help women manifest their dreams. She is the CEO of ShamansDance Publishing and Productions and the author of
The Dream Kit
. Visit her at:catchthedreamexpress.com