In a previous article, I had mentioned a company that had created its very first mission statement. Once it created its first mission statement, the company then applied it to the business. They really believed that this statement would increase customer and client loyalty. Were they in for a surprise! The results were terrible. No one bought into the statement, and it actually created chaos in the company. None of the employees believed in the mission statement because a senior executive behaved in a disrespectful way to staff and vendors, contradicting the spirit of the statement. The president of the company was at a loss for what to do.

The company decided that it needed Law of Attraction coaching, and called me. With a little work, we created a statement that included all levels of the company—from the person who makes the coffee right up to the top offices of the senior executives—by using the information it had gathered to formulate a mission and the values that it needed to turn it into reality. It does not matter how powerful their mission statement and values were if they were not going to be put into practice using the Law of Attraction principles that they had learned.

Now it was up to the president to reinforce the statement on a regular basis by referring to it as a matter of course in any given day or situation. The employees needed to see that the statement and values applied to all levels of management and employees. This time, this would be a real test of management on following through on what they said they would do. Now that the employees knew why they were attracting what they were attracting to the business, they could use the Law of Attraction more deliberately and intentionally. This way, they would attract more of what they wanted and less of what they did not want for their business.

By using the Law of Attraction principles, tips, steps, and strategies that it had learned, the company was able to ask itself these questions at meetings.

• Is this initiative in alignment with our mission statement?
• If we are serious about our mission, this idea/project will help us by…
• Since our top value is _______, how do you think we should handle the incongruity in this decision?
• Which decision best fulfills our mission?
• Which decision best fulfills our values?
• How will we show that we are committed to our mission?
• What will we do to show that we are committed to our mission?
• How will we show that we are committed to our values?
• What will we do to show that we are committed to our values?
• Let me remind you why we are here...
• This behavior is inconsistent with our mission.
• Remember what our mission is?

During our Law of Attraction coaching, we discussed using these phrases with integrity, and the personal investment in the mission statement and the values that employees wanted to live and work by. I mentioned that when a company and its employees are personally committed and that commitment really shows, real magic can happen using the Law of Attraction principles. As everyone in the company begins to internalize the points in the mission statement, their decisions will be guided as if the president was sitting right there beside them all of the time.

Do you have a mission statement that uses the Law of Attraction principles? Are you in compliance with that statement? How will you know if the Law of Attraction is working for your company? Look at the morale at your company. How many company sick days are taken? Look at your profit and loss statement. These are all signs of how well the Law of Attraction is working for you!

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