Super achievers display certain characteristics that less successful people simply do not express. What are these charismatic characteristics and how do they activate the Law of Attraction to accomplish so much, often with apparent ease?

Science is discovering more and more about our brain everyday. One of the results of current research is that high achievers display a predictable brain wave frequency, a characteristic common only to the high achiever. They activate a part of their brain in such a way as to set in motion the process of the brain alerting them to possibilities for furthering their vision.

This is how they use the Law of Attraction to their amazing advantage. The Law of Attraction builds upon the physical frequency emanations of the brain, specifically the operation of the Reticular Activating System or RAS, located in the brain stem. The RAS filters incoming sensory information, chooses what is in accordance with your passion or strong desire, and relays the selected information to the main part of the brain and into your consciousness.

High achievers do not go after their goals, their goals follow them, come to them because of their powerful magnetic attraction power. High achievers have a different attitude to life than most others; they have a more holistic attitude, they see the big picture and have a wide vision of what can be and what they expect of themselves and others.

Perhaps, instead of saying what else these successful achievers do, we could cut to the chase and explain what you can start doing today, right now to set yourself up as a high achiever, because that’s the burning question in your mind, isn’t it, how you can apply what they do so that you can start achieving the same high results?

Success is an internal state of being. You must become the kind of person that your dream/vision belongs to. In other words, the vibration you emit attracts the results you receive, this is the universal Law of Attraction in action.

Write down what you want more than anything else in your life. Now think about what kind of person you would need to become to allow and manifest this vision into your life. What kind of person do I need to become for this to be my experience? The answer to that question is the basis of your vision-plan. Keep your focus on the end you want and each day take small incremental steps to become the person you know you are called to be. You have to be willing to step outside your comfort zone, to push the bar even just a little, but often.

You do not have to get everything right the first time around. Mistakes are the other side of success. We learn by our mistakes. A successful person has simply made more mistakes than the average person and has kept their focus and passion. Manifesting what you want is not about achieving your goals. You can see that by now. It is about creating the right mindset, a positive and passionate focus on becoming a changed and more empowered person in the world.

Get yourself in the right state of being and your desires will attract all the resources and people and circumstances you need to bring your vision into manifestation.

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