Have you been asking the Law of Attraction to bring you new projects, big business opportunities or more clients? Are you now finding yourself attracting the wrong type of business and clients – those that make you feel stuck and unexcited?

Maybe these were once exciting prospects, but now you find you dread working with them. Clearing out some of this less-than-ideal business will free up your time to work on things that will really add value to your life and your business. Make room to attract more of what you do and less of what you don’t want.

In business just as in your personal life, you find yourself no longer “into” doing certain things or working on certain projects. That’s like dating someone who’s not into you – where’s the commitment or excitement in that? It just isn’t working for you anymore.

How many projects and clients have you been attracting, as if they were the best thing that ever happened to you, and now all the signs are pointing to a break-up?

You might be attracting less-than-satisfactory:

• New clients
• Joint ventures
• Business ideas
• Referrals
• Online marketing techniques

You are not alone. Let me share with you a couple of stories my coaching clients experienced.

1. When it’s right to switch

After attending a marketing seminar by one of the top gurus, one of my clients was convinced she should switch her niche. She had heard about someone making a fortune in a particular market place and decided to follow. My client already had a large database of very wonderful and powerful clients and she spent a long time planning on how to build it even more and to increase her returns as suggested in the marketing seminar. After being on board with the idea for a few months, my client realized that her heart was pulling her in a different direction. She now wanted to create a new product and sell it to her existing database. All she needed to do was change her business model.

While she struggled to stay the course, knowing she had invested so much time and money on the marketing course, and also believing the marketing guru to be right, her heart kept tugging elsewhere.

In the end, she found the courage to let go. She switched her focus to something she absolutely loved doing and where she knew she could succeed. She has never looked back and instead has found a new strength to make confident and bold decisions in her business.

2. Follow your heart

One of my clients had spent a long time working on an idea for a product, when out of the blue, she dropped it. She had learned that you could create a product and have it on the market in 90 days. In theory the new product had great value and potential and she set off to complete the work in the time frame.

The trouble was she had no real passion for the new product. After several weeks of trying to make it work, she realized that the time had come to make a decision. She still had a choice to pull out now and focus on something closer to her heart. It was a simple but empowering feeling.
Next she researched and came across ideas for products that she was really passionate about and that her clients would love. She was excited about this new direction and knew it was right, because it was coming from the heart.

How can you tell if you are “not into” it anymore?
•When you are working on it, you don't feel much of anything.
•You find yourself justifying the importance of the thing, but don't really believe your own reasoning.
•When you step back to view what you are working on, it either doesn't fit anymore, or feels insignificant to your business.

What is it that you are “not into”? Devote time to attracting more appealing, profitable, energizing, meaningful and great things in your business.

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