When the women I coach are using the Law of Attraction, they begin to look for others who are at that next level in business. You know the level? The one that scares the pants off you, yet you still want it.

When you are using the Law of Attraction principles successfully and want to kick it up a notch, I suggest that you look around and identify people who are a little more experienced, successful, balanced and connected than you are right now. Find someone who already has a proven track record and see what you can learn from them.

However, that should not diminish what you have already become. Don’t worry about not being good enough when you compare your own achievements with those of more accomplished business people. You don’t want to put yourself down and find yourself stuck in the closet, which is what happened to a wonderful Law of Attraction coaching client of mine.

This is her story.

For a number of years, my client enjoyed her position as regional manager of a number of health spas. She supported the owners of the spas to attract high-end clients, grow their business, gain market share – and make some tough decisions around growing their business. As a result she dealt with a lot of the difficult stuff that no one else wanted to touch, as it was part of her job description.

Watching their companies grow and revenues increase was always very exciting for my client, and she prided herself on providing support in a very big way. She could really see and understand how well the Law of Attraction was working in their favor. They were at the top of the game in their industry.

However, after several years of this, my client started to realize that all of her blood, sweat and tears were being used to advance not her own, but someone else’s business goals. She felt like she was in the closet and could not come out. After all, how could she complain? Wasn’t this what she was being paid for?

It was time for my client to find a voice of her own and to make her personal views known in a more public way. At the same time, the thought of it scared her to death. Here is why:

•After so many years of following the direction of others and their ideas, she wasn't sure whether she had any of her own. She wondered if she had anything valuable to say, and even if she did, who would listen?

•She feared disapproval. If someone didn't like her approach when she was working on behalf of others, she didn't take it personally. The owners of her company got all of the big money and visibility, so they could also take the hassles. Now, however, if she were the one front and centre, would she be “good enough” and able to stand up for herself?

•Did she have "it"? Acting in a supporting role for so long made her wonder if she even wanted to step out in a more public way with her own work and ideas. What if couldn’t handle it?

•Above all, she felt unprepared. Although she had run the spas successfully for years, and had studied and worked her way up from the bottom, she felt she didn't have the confidence to take on a bigger role.

Her breakthrough came when she was doing her Law of Attraction contrast and clarity list. After creating two lists as long as your arm, one of what she didn’t want and one of what she did want to attract more of, she decided it was time to come out of the closet. Now she was ready to have more visibility in that company.

As soon as she started, my client realized that most of her fears were unfounded. Not only had she been coming up with new and innovative ideas for years, they were coming to her naturally now, too. No longer did she keep her ideas to herself, but stared sharing them at their weekly meetings. Most importantly, she found that with the courage to speak out and use her own ideas, strategies and hunches had her feeling like she was on top of the world. She was finally doing something for herself.

Today my client packs audiences! Women from every type of business imaginable come to hear her speak about success principles and how she used the Law of Attraction to come out of the closet.

When I notice some of the women I coach hiding in the closet, I encourage them to find their voice and come out. It’s time for them to use that voice to start attracting all that they want to build a thriving business. One they can be proud of, because they did it their way.

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