My coaching clients often ask me how to speed up the Law of Attraction process in business.

One of the things I suggest is that besides a qualified Law of Attraction coach, smart women ought to surround themselves with talented mentors. It is something you should do right from the get go, from the very first day you start your business. Good mentors give good support, advice and encouragement.

A key point to recognize is that you owe it to both you and your mentor to establish a give-and-take relationship. You must be as willing to give, as you are to take. By that I mean you should aim to give back more than you are getting.

Which people are you following? Do they help you only in your professional life, or do they also support your personal goals? Are your mentors successful beyond imagination while leading a meaningful and balanced life themselves, and doing all they can to give back to the community? Do you really connect with them?

There are as many types of mentors as there are handbags! You can have a traditional marketing or an online mentor, one for fitness or for your spiritual needs, or even one who is a gourmet cook. The list goes on. In order for you to build a solid and successful connection with your mentors over time, you have to be prepared to share a significant amount of high quality, constructive and free information with them, too. While many women do not feel comfortable with an aggressive sales and marketing model, my coaching clients have had tremendous success establishing these kinds of relationships. As a result, they really attract some amazing opportunities.

How can you attract great mentors, who are genuine, giving and play it big in life? Great mentors build their business on careful research and testing. They share insider tips without hesitation. To surround yourself with the right mentors, you need to be willing to give from yourself. I coach my clients to aim to give even more than they are receiving from their mentors.

For instance, one of my clients had a mentor who was a public speaker on motivation and success principles. While the speaker was already very successful, my client realized she could help him even more. She knew someone who could help him sell more from the stage and so she took it upon herself to research information, provide testimonials and put him in touch with that resource. And guess what? Her mentor was able to dramatically increase his income with her support. What a way to create a bond!

What can you, as a woman entrepreneur, take away from this example?

•Even those for whom you have a high regard sometimes need fresh and different ideas, information and resources. No one knows everything, and even the brightest business people have areas of their business that they can improve. Think about their business and what you might be able to offer. Perhaps you have the information or resources that would help them fill the gap.

•Remember they are people, too. It can feel scary to approach someone you really admire, because you are unsure if you can really help them. Every one of us has something beneficial to offer to others. Share what you know.

•Be careful of asking for too much and going over the line. A truly remarkable mentor and mentor relationship requires give and take from both of you. Remember to maintain a fair and balanced connection, as they have their own business – and life – to run. Know when to give them space.

The key is to be unattached to the outcome. What you do should aim to serve and add value to another person’s life and business. Decide to give more than you receive. By giving more you will ultimately receive more.

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