I had one of my Law of Attraction coaching clients try something new with me. Joan was struggling to understand and get the results that she wanted using the Law of Attraction. She had enormous debt, a low credit rating, and was close to losing her home. Joan was sure that she was using the Law of Attraction principles and was ready to give up on believing that they were real and useable. I let her know that the Law of Attraction is working whether we are attracting positive or negative things into our lives. I told her that she can always go back to her old way of thinking and being while using the Law of Attraction if the new ways do not work. None of my clients has ever gone back to their old ways.

I had Joan measure her thinking and behavior with a simple yardstick: Is she getting what she wants with the Law of Attraction? Joan needed to make one of the most important decisions of her life. Will she choose to deliberately and intentionally use the Law of Attraction and live a purposeful life? Or will she continue to take what comes her way and struggle and complain about how everyone else has what they want and she doesn’t?

I suggested that now was a good time as any, as she was not getting the “how to” of using the Law of Attraction in a way that really worked for her. Here is the good news. It does not matter how much was missing from her life, or how bad things really were understanding the correct “how to” of using the Law of Attraction would and could turn things around. For some people, doing this takes real guts. If you are deeply entrenched in things not going your way or working for you, you need to start getting real and make changes now!

And this is what Joan did. Joan realized that she had it in her to make the changes. She also knew that no one else was going to make those changes for her, and began to take responsibility and accountability for what she was attracting into her life. Joan became committed and focused on learning and using the Law of Attraction much more deliberately and intentionally to create a life that had previously seemed to elude her.

Joan changed her negative beliefs and thinking and stopped her downward spiral once she discovered that she now had control over what she was getting in her life. Joan started to live consciously and consistently using the Law of Attraction principles and, by doing so, changed her world.

We are all capable of getting the “how to” of using the Law of Attraction. We all have the chance to learn this law and its principles and incorporate them in our lives. You can ignore these Law of Attraction principles and stumble along, wondering why you never seem to succeed; or, you can get it, learn the principles, and use them to adapt your life, choices, and behavior to live a life that you have only dreamed about!

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