Stress May Be Making You Sick! 90% of all illness in our fast paced society is stress induced. Do you realize, how many people walk around with unnatural amounts of stress? Stress and tension can become a normal feeling in your body. Medical doctors will soon be prescribing that people take a day every month to go on retreat, a long weekend every three months, and a longer sabbatical on a regular basis, simply to recharge their batteries and survive the intensity of our societies' high stress levels. Retreat centers around the country are more full than ever before.

Sedona is the perfect escape, to rejuvenate your passion for life. Retreats can give you the needed break from the hectic pace, of everyday life. Once relaxed, you can recharge your battery, and gain new power, to move foward in your life. A retreat is the perfect place, to facilitate the journey back to your center, providing you with tools to restore clarity and wholeness.

You can choose a mini-retreat, for a long weekend-experience, in the transformational energy of Sedona. Or plan a full week's vacation, for a deeper recharging of your energy. Sedona's landscape is a natural playground,for the outdoor activities lover. You will take home simple tools, which you can realistically include in your daily activities.

Imagine yourself, enjoying a beautiful week free from stress, with like-minded souls. Beginning your mornings, in the breath-taking beauty of Sedona, on the land, hiking, meditating, practicing yoga or being quiet and listening to your inner-wisdom. Then take time to nurture yourself and your body, spending the remainder of the morning with your choice of healing treatments. In the afternoon, spend quiet time alone with yourself. Relaxing with a leisurely stroll on the local hiking trails, integrating your healing treatments. Your evenings are spent star gazing, on our open deck, or soaking in the hot tub. Our weeklong retreats create positive life changes, heartfelt memories, and friendships that last a lifetime.

In July and August, use the electrifying energy, of the monsoon season in Sedona, to transform yourself and reenergize! The monsoon time is a little known secret, with powerful energy for transformation. The valley is full of electricity, excitement and extraordinary beauty. The air is super-charged with negative ions that positively charge our own energy field.

Whatever your intentions for your retreat, you are assured of success with Retreat and Heal. We offer a safe, and affordable, place to heal in the Red Rocks. Our family business, with our years of experience in facilitating individuals and groups; makes us your complete healing vacation destination. Embrace your life, regain your passion, and move forward, empowered with tools to live a healthy, balanced life.

We are not a Luxury Spa--but an Affordable Spa for the Soul. View our schedule and menu at or call 928-282-5237. Let us be your guide, for the retreat of your dreams.

Author's Bio: 

Annie Lawrence, PhD, founded and directed a state-approved school of holistic health in Solana Beach, CA for ten years. She now owns and operates a retreat center in Sedona, Arizona.