If you have all of the web traffic, list members and money that you desire, this article may not be for you.

But, if you want more visitors, subscribers, and buyers, I suggest that you keep reading.

You know you have a fantastic product or service, but how do you get people interested in coming to your site to sign up for your offer without blowing a huge wad on expensive pay per click campaigns or promotion services?

You have put your blood, sweat, tears, and hard-earned cash into creating this product-and for what? Barely enough to pay for your hosting and autoresponder bills each month! You know that there are millions to be made if you can just get the branding that you deserve. You believe in your product.

The problem is that you have a limited budget.

So, what can you do?

Let's look at your options:

*You could hire a copywriter to write your copy for your sales letter. But if you're having to choose between putting gas in your car or hiring a decent wordsmith-that's probably not the right solution for you right now. You know your product better than anyone, so you should probably stick with your own ideas and wording until you can afford a professional.

*You could join a giveaway and get your name "out there." That's one idea, but most of those require that you have a minimum number of subscribers already and since you're rather new, you probably don't have that many just yet.

*You could do article marketing. Now that's a smart solution-if you're willing to wait for a few weeks or months. Although articles are a great way to encourage people to check out your site, they often take a few months to spread through the internet and into people's blogs, ezines, and newsletters.

So, what can you possibly do to get your name and brand out there more quickly without having to break into your life-savings or cash in your life insurance policy?

I suggest writing free special reports and sending them out into the world wide web via submission sites that request them.

A special report is basically a 7-10 page article that you write that solves a problem that your target market faces.

As the expert on the subject, you provide a free report that provides interesting, timely information that these people want to read.

If you've done your job right,they are so impressed with your amazingly helpful content and expertise, that they happily click over to find out more about this fabulous author and what he/she offers and recommends.

It works like a charm! Just ask Mike Filsaime, the creator of Butterfly Reports.

Lately, some "big name" gurus, like Mike Filsaime and others, have been generously offering their precious web space to allow everyone-new and experienced-marketers to add helpful, relevant special reports to their giveaway sites.

People visit these sites and download the special reports available to gain knowledge about a certain topic or niche.

If you have the ability to churn out a solid information document with an enticing title and description, these information seekers will soon discover your special report and want to know more about you and your offers soon after you submit it.

Your special report should make it simple for someone to sign up for your list, newsletter, or gift, so that you can continue your valuable relationship with them.

Once they are on your list, you have the responsibility to provide them with more good content, but you can also offer products or services that they would find useful as well.

These can be your own products or someone else's high-quality offers that you can make affiliate commissions with.

Don't make the mistake of offering low quality products for the chance to make a quick buck. Since you're promoting this product, your subscribers expect you to know that it is going to be a good investment of their time and money.

You now have the chance to get known by sending your very own special report out to millions of people by leveraging these well-known marketers' popularity!

It's time to go viral! Write your special report today!

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Kristi Sayles is the creator of the Special Report Generator and would like to invite you to visit her site at
SpecialReportGenerator.com to get your own program, a free gift, and the chance to earn cash directly to your Paypal account today with her 100% commissions affiliate program!