Pictures of great leaders get plastered over the newspaper everyday, and it is just impossible to use these pictures as inspirational pictures. However, if you are really serious about using leadership pictures to make you be a good leader, then you can try using pictures that are from online photo books like photo bucket and image share. It might sound impossible to you that such random pictures might spur you to be one of them. If you are still having doubts about the capability and reliability of these leadership pictures, then read up.

The idea of using leadership pictures to be a good leader is somewhat similar to the idea of using self-hypnosis tracks influence the brain to make the person be the good leader that he ought to. The only difference is that these self-hypnosis tracks are more interactive and the positive affirmations are embedded directly into the subconscious mind.

Using the leadership pictures would definitely require more effort. When pictures of leaders get plastered all over your room, your subconscious mind will get tuned such that you will be able to see yourself in place of these leaders. The other alternative method is to use subliminal audio tracks. Subliminal audio tracks use positive affirmations and soothing sounds to send the message to the subconscious mind while in pictures, the images of leaders will act as the positive affirmations that will help to tune the mind.

You might be immune with the pictures of leaders over time. You might even be oblivious to the existence of these leadership images but believe it or not, your subconscious mind will continue to take in all these images of leadership and tune your brain accordingly.

If you are looking for a great leadership picture, then you might want to choose pictures of successful businessmen or inventors. Pictures of Einstein for example will signal to your brain immediately that he is a successful person.

Putting a couple of pictures of great successors of life does not hurt. In fact, these pictures will eventually become your role models. While it might sound a little bit kiddish, the idea of keeping pictures of great leaders can make you think big and start acting “big” too. This would mean that in the long run, your mind would be tuned to go the extra mile when it comes to work. Your subconscious mind will feel that there is a need to be like the leader in the picture and you will subconsciously be able to do greater things and behave in like a leader-kind of way.

Otherwise, you can definitely try the home made self-hypnosis methods, which involve a lot of relaxation, and tuning of the mind, personally. However, this would require a lot of discipline, focus and effort.

It is easy to be a leader but it takes great effort to be an excellent one. However, do not fret if you are still not improving in your skills despite pasting a dozen over of pictures of leaders. Not everyone is born to be a leader, but you can definitely try to be a better leader, by slowly trying to improve your standards and your ability to lead.

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