How will you choose to spend the next 20 years?

Sally, now 40, spent the majority of her life battling a combination of depression and anxiety, as well as a mix of physical symptoms associated with these emotional battles. The best she could hope for was a day when she didn’t cry or become so anxious about money that she wondered how she was going to survive.

As far back as she could remember Sally didn’t want to live; she considered suicide almost every day, but knew she could never take her own life. There was nothing in her future, no dreams, no desires, no goals. Everywhere she looked she saw suffering and poverty and knew no way to change that. She saw no future because she knew that at some point she would die.

Hoping to stop her suffering, she sought the care of a very wise natural health practitioner who told her that she had to make a choice, a conscious decision: did she want to continue to live the next 20 years suffering or did she want to experience a life of inner peace and abundance? Sally had come to a fork in the road; it was time for her to make a decision and stick to it.

Sally only knew suffering, and if something didn’t change, she would continue to know suffering. Nothing that Sally had done all of her adult life had changed her outlook on life or the pattern of suffering she followed. But something inside her wanted to live, so she continued to sludge along in the muck day after day, hoping that her depression, anxiety, or physical symptoms wouldn’t push her off the edge into a spiraling reaction.

The part of Sally that wanted something better kept looking; she finally found a way to change: by seeing someone who showed her that another life was possible.

Each person who has suffered with any mental or physical illness has arrived at a space (or will arrive) where a decision has to be made: continue as you are or change for something better. Those who are tired of suffering choose a different path—the path of health and abundance.

As Sally considered her options, she realized that she would probably live another 50 years. Did she want to suffer for another 50 years? Or, did she want to thrive and be alive for another 50 years?

Each person comes to this planet with a “life purpose,” something you are here to do. Part of the purpose is to better yourself; and the other part is something you are to do for the betterment of your people and/or the world. For a Healer such as myself, part of my life purpose is to help others heal; indirectly I am also helping the person’s family, their community and the world. The other part is to become a stronger, healthier person.

What is your life purpose?

No person’s life purpose is to suffer, be poor, be ill, or be sad. How does being poor, ill or sad help yourself or others? No one (except drug companies and medical doctors) benefit from a person being ill or suffering. A definition of health is “your freedom to be in the moment and fulfill the purpose of life.” By not pursuing your life purpose, you are also affecting your health.

So you have a decision to make about your suffering and health: do you want to live another 20-50 years suffering and in poor health, or do you want to live another 20-50 years celebrating life?

Consider the fork in the road: going to the left is to continue as you are, suffering, ill, poor, and unhappy. This path is familiar to you as you’ve lived this path for a long time; you are used to what will happen each day, the foods you need to avoid, the people you have to avoid, and the bills that pile up each month. Your path is laid out before you as far as you can see; it is the same. Looking at a month from now, it will be the same as today; no surprises. Perhaps you already know what you will be doing in 20 years; perhaps you see yourself in a nursing home, having by-pass surgery or living in a retirement community.

Do you accept this life 100%? Are you okay where you are today that you want this life for the next 50 years?

Or do you want something different? Are you tired of suffering? If you answered “yes”, then you need to consider the path to the right….

You cannot see what lies down the right path for there is a booth at the front of this path where you have to pay a toll to proceed. The toll is to remove the “skin” of suffering and the “skin” of the past. Once you pay the toll, anything can happen, but you are ensured a life of possibilities, less suffering, and joy. Along this path there is a life of plenty, a life of dreams, and a life of vibrancy. No more suffering, as you left that at the toll booth. No more despair, as you also left that at the toll booth.

All it takes is a desire to live life to the fullest. Here, on this path, you will explore what you have to offer yourself and the world around you. Here you find your life purpose and embrace it with joy. Once you know why you are here, all else falls into place.

Sally thought there was nothing for her to offer the world; the most she hoped for was to die a quick and painless death. When she stepped onto the right path, she learned that she was here to help the environment, so she became an advocate for environmental well-being. Her passions flared as she became a lobbyist for protecting the trees and the animals.

And all her despair melted along the way. Issues surrounding money were healed, the depression and anxiety melted away as she saw her efforts helping the environment, and she saw the world as colorful and bright.

All she had to do was pay the toll. It was a conscious decision to no longer follow the path she was on; she wanted something else. There is no need to suffer and be poor for another 50 years; all you need to do is pay the toll.

Best wishes,
Dr. Ronda

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Dr. Ronda Behnke is a distinguished practitioner of Classical Homeopathy and Natural Healing methods. Amongst her clients, she is known for her exceptional insight and non-judgmental presence. You can contact Dr. Ronda via her website at or by calling 920-321-0008. For a FREE healing guide, visit my website and select the "free articles and books" tab. When it’s time to heal, call me…I will listen to you.