Learning Spanish is something that can take up a lot of time, especially if an advanced level is to be reached. It begins with getting to grips with popular verbs, grammatical terms and rules of use, vocabulary and nouns before becoming comfortable with irregular usages. Regular and consistent practice is imperative to anyone who is trying to learn Spanish. This of course is the foundation to success in mastery of the basic language. There are, however other less well known aids available...Accelerated Learning Techniques.

Accelerated learning techniques and products enhance the abilities inherent to us such as memory and improving reading speed dramatically. How many times have you written down reams and reams of verbs for example, and the conjugations of course, read, and read again only to forget most of them in no time? I'm sure you have, just like most of us. Why is that? Why do most of us find it difficult to retain lots of new information? It's simple..we are trying to learn something new like Spanish without being aware of our own unique learning styles and unaware of our ability to enhance our memory skills. To effectively learn anything we should be aware of our preferred style of learning, making it easier to understand and retain new information.

An example of memory techniques can be found by reading books by Dr. Michael Gruneberg who has written extensively on the link word technique. It is claimed that after implementing this technique then a basic vocabulary of around 1000 words can be learned in around 10 hours. Other techniques such as mnemonics are also widely used which is an extension of the link method whereby images are used to help create an association between the foreign word and the image created.

Accelerated learning used to learn Spanish can take learning in a completely new direction. It can become a whole lot more fun, give confidence a boost and of course stretch the muscles of the brain and the imagination.

Another technique becoming more widely recognized is speed reading...something pioneers in personal development use and recommend for success. Speed reading is a skill which is developed over a period of time and practice to cut out hours and hours of reading material needed to develop. Perfect as an aid to learn Spanish, especially for those of you ready to move on from basic to advanced.

I would recommend accelerated learning as a route to anyone wishing to develop their language learning and move to the next level.

Author's Bio: 

Eleanor Ross is webmaster of learn-spanish-with-ease.com and has been learning Spanish with her 4 year old son for around 3 years. She is always looking for new and fun ways to learn Spanish.