Improved hygiene and indoor plumbing has successfully reduced or eliminate many causes of death that were once common place, like polio, cholera, tuberculosis and others. As our worries over these preventable horrors decrease we are finding new problems to fill our waking moments.

As the American diet has moved towards processed foods we are experiencing a steady increase in the degenerative diseases such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, heart disease, diabetes, etc. These diseases are similar to the diseases of the past in that they are lifestyle connected. When we changed our lifestyle and began to bath, the infectious diseases declined.

Now, I believe the only true answer to these new problems is another lifestyle change. Obviously, from this point I could go into diet, exercise, water, sleep or substance abuses, all of which contribute to our modern health problems, but I would like to focus this article on the simple habit of breathing. That's right breathing.

Have you ever watched an infant breathe? Notice how the chest remains motionless as the tiny belly raises and falls with the rhythm of the breath. Why do American adults chest breath? I haven't figured that one out yet, but I have seen first hand that as a person begins to relearn how to breath with their diaphragm many aspects of their health soon improve. For example, when you are anxious and in a hurry you tend to have shallow chest breathing if you breath at all! This natural reaction actually increases the anxiety by placing unneeded pressure on the heart, which is located in the chest.

Stop and take a few breaths from the belly and feel the difference. By moving the pressure from breathing away from the heart it will decrease your anxiety and lower your blood pressure to boot!
Secondly, deep abdominal breaths massage the intestine, which will naturally improve digestion of your food and elimination of the toxic bi-products of digestion.
Third, this same downward pressure of the diaphragm during abdominal breathing also massages the adrenal glands, sitting atop the kidneys. The adrenal glands among many other things are the primary production site for cortisol, an extremely damaging chemical designed to increase cellular activity for the fight or flight response. A deep breath will calm the adrenals and once again reduce your stress and the free radical tissue damage caused from too much cortisol.
Fourth, by using the entire volume of your lungs you increase the surface area for oxygen and carbon dioxide transfer. This process purifies and strengthens the blood giving you increased energy and stamina! Here are four metabolic advantages gained by simply relearning to breath!

Now for the sales pitch… How much would you pay for lower blood pressure? But wait there’s more; order now and we’ll throw in better digestion and more energy! For an incredibly low ZERO down and ZERO a month you too can have lower blood pressure, better digestion, much more energy and a better ability to handle day to day stress! So focus on your belly button and take a deep breath. Try not to move your chest so that just your stomach moves. If you have a hard time don't feel bad a lot of people do at first, just keep trying. This simple commitment to change can be the first step to the vibrant pain free lifestyle you deserve!
Dr. Darrel Drumright

Author's Bio: 

After attending 4 years undergraduate work in pre-med. at the University of Missouri at Kansas City, Dr. Drumright served 4 years in the U.S. Army as an airborne paratrooper. During his time in the service he was introduced to the philosophy of Chiropractic. The idea of finding the cause behind the symptom made so much sense that upon discharge he enrolled at Cleveland Chiropractic College instead of continuing the medical program at U.M.K.C. Since graduating from Cleveland in 1992 Dr. Drumright has pursued advanced training in acupuncture, Qi gong and nutrition. It is with this background and a passionate commitment to helping people understand their options when making health care decisions that he created Harmony Health and Wellness where he serves as clinic director and education supervisor.