The heart of fasting is found
in focused action and intention
wrapped in the arms of surrender

Come to the Edge
French poet Guillaume Apollinaire

come to the edge
no, we will fail

come to the edge
no, we will fail

they came to the edge
he pushed them and they flew

Typically the less a person eats the longer they will live, there is no such thing as an obese centenarian. The mass mind is atrophied from little use. Doing a cleansing fast will help you to think about what you are doing to your body. Thinking is hard work that is why so few people engage in it. If you are drowning in the voice of your own food addictions and seriously need a break from yourself, long term fasting on a program such as the Master Cleanser is it. It's the thing to help push you to edge.. so you can jump free!

The success of a fast has everything to do with what sort of a person is doing the fast, rather than what sort of a fast a person is doing. The mind rules the body. Mind and body communicate. Many of us take for granted the power of our full life forces. Never tapping into our NORMAL potential. Many crawl to their fasts as a member of the bleak brigade. They are the whining victims that come fighting each step of the way. Having made so many choices that shorten their lives, they arrive in a whimper and learn that they must face themselves. We bring ourselves to the situation.
There are two classes of people who come to the fast... slaves and free men. Science is now revealing the chemical changes that feelings produce in our bodies. Mind and body communicate. This opens us up to incredible potential. The Mind rules the Body. There is a relationship between your attitude and your comfort level while on the program. I urge you to leave the bleak brigades and hold an optimistic view. Become confident that you can achieve your goals before you start. Involve yourself with creative activities and philosophically condition yourself to the power of your mind to overcome your discomfort. This is a lesson in hope. It plays such an important part of your life. The success of your fast, has everything to do with what goes on in your mind than what is going on in your body.
Every choice we make is either about a life choice, or one that sends a message that is a death choice. You must come to this decision to cleanse as a “free man” and not a slave, or it will not work. Fasting must be approached as a choice made from great joy and the desire to tap into your unlimited potential to heal and face your destructive habits. You must see what you bring to your situation. We all project our problems and create our own metaphors. Master Cleanser can be used to heal a life. My experience on the 40 day fast helped me to reawaken my “life” wish within and it can for you to. It can help you to discover what an exceptional person you truly are by assisting you in taking control of your life. A new way of life has to be paid for dearly and is only acquired with much patience and great effort. Healings occur through hard work. I say that anyone who does not believe in miracles is not a realist. Choose to take on the challenge of your life! Your mind can change the state of your body. Peace of mind sends the body a live message while depression, fear, and unresolved conflict send the body a "die" message. Thus, all healing is scientific. Take on your fast as an opportunity or a challenge, not as another chance to fail. Open yourself to the possibilities of your NORMAL potential. You must love yourself enough to want to take care of your body. Knowing your mind is all powerful is nothing if you are not motivated to use it. The choice comes down to loving yourself, to make choices that send the "live" message.

Going on a fast is like boarding a cruise ship that takes you out into very deep waters. To get out to the deep blue, you have to get past a lot of chop. Never start a cleanse without complete and total surrender to the destination. Or you will find that you are always in choppy water and never at peace, and never know what the fuss is about cause you never went the distance.
To become exceptional in caring for the body, one must take stock of the beliefs one has about it, especially those so ingrained that they're normally unconscious of them. If a person can turn from predicting that the fast will be hard and difficult to anticipating a complete healing, the foundation for a successful fast is laid.
Our parents are our first hypnotists. They gave us our first post hypnotic suggestions. Negative conditioning is all too common. There is way more involved than just genetics that we end up just like our mothers. This is why Master Cleanser is so incredible, it detoxes the mind as well as the body, especially if you stay on board for the 40 day Cruise. Got break mama's bad tape and reprogram the "Mother" board. Fatalism can be fatal. I think Master Cleanser may have saved my life. There is an inner energy that is available to all of us to which we all have an active role in acquiring it's use. You must decide you want it and become an exceptional person who wants to heal them self. Loving ourselves is about giving ourselves "consistent" effort. STAY THE COURSE.

Author's Bio: 

I was born in 1959, in Indianapolis, Indiana to a poor family with 8 children. I was number five. As a child I was underfed, and not well cared for, as my family had no money. My father was a drunk and my mother had a bi-polar disorder. Often I was running around the streets in downtown Indianapolis with no supervision in parks alone, at four years old. I remember people would come up to me and wonder why I was alone. A few times the cops brought me home. We never had food, my mom would make vats of rice and oatmeal to feed us. That was on a good day. I quickly learned to make friends in the neighborhood and hang at their house so I could eat.
My parents were always fighting, and my father would always leave for long periods of time, I was a little girl who missed her Daddy terribly. I was very close to my father as a small child. I was devastated when I ended up in foster care, in 1965. I was six years old. Abandoned and alone and in an orphanage. I didn’t see my birth parents again for a decade, and in those ten years, I was shuffled around to six different foster homes. My childhood was spent with seven different mothers and fathers and over 32 different brothers and sisters, none who were in my life for more than three years, after I left my original family.
Needless to say this was very hard on me, but all and all looking back at it, I can see now, that all those foster families were just trying to help me. It’s no one’s fault, things ended up the way they did. Perhaps it was my karma in this life, I really believe that. Great spiritual teachers, like Ekhart Tolle say that no one comes to the spiritual path except through great pain. So you see, this beginning, was part of God’s plan for me, he knew how much I wanted to grow in this life time.
I came to Hollywood alone when I was 18 years old. Left my last foster home and went to college at 17 years of age, I graduated a year early from high school because I was so smart. I got scholarships to Indiana University, and my social worker said that I was a very unusual child, most foster kids end up in jail, and here I was going to IU, at 17. I remember how scared I was laying in that dorm room alone, I had no family to go home to on Spring break, or at Christmas time. I used to cry a lot, I was really terrified, but the world was kind to me, and I began to find my way.
I dropped out of school and came to LA when I was 18. I was found my a talent scout when I was in college, and got a part in a film that shot down in Florida the summer after my first year of college. So I dropped out and moved to Hollywoood. I got an agent to sign me the first month I was in town, and on d my 2nd day of auditions I was cast on prime time television, in a costarring role with Don Knotts on the popular hit show back then called Fantasy Island. I went on to do a hundred some tv shows before the age of 25, and starred in many films, and currently to date have been in over 25 major motion pictures. The last part I got was on the 40th day of my first 40 day fast last year. Kind of a big graduation present from the cleanse. I played a hooker in that movie, portraying a character that is half my actual age.
I got involved in life in the fast lane back in the 80’s to say the least. I got addicted to cocaine and marijuana, and I blew a lot of my auditions because I was always going on them stoned… and needless to say… this is why my career did not take off any further than it did. When I was 26 years old, I finally joined AA and got clean and sober. I started being cast in starring roles in films as a result, and when I was 28 years old, I met my mentor Jules, who taught me how to fast. I miss Jules, he died a few years ago, he was a much older man but a beautiful soul, and a dear, dear friend.
Jules is the one who got me to fast, 7 days every 7 weeks when I was 28. Believe me, I made all the mistakes that you guys are making here on your first fasts. I sabotaged the fasts in everyway imaginable, but I did learn the hard way, by falling flat on my face. By the time I was 35, I had done dozens and dozens of fasts, and one night I was out on a date with an actor, who told me about Optimum Health Institute in San Diego. He always went down there to lose weight before a new season began on his series. Back then it was really cheap only $350 a week for a shared room. This is where I first learned to live my life on a raw food diet and to drink wheatgrass. Since that first year at OHI, I have been on their campus atleast 50 times, and I also did six solid months there as a working guest. They let you stay for free for working 20 hours a week on staff. During that time I got to witness the healing powers of raw foods and wheatgrass. On Friday mornings, each week, people would get up on stage and share their stories, and I witnessed personal testimony of thousands of people, who recovered from diabetes, cancer, double vision, multiple sclerosis, it goes on and on……. The body heals itself when given the optimum conditions to do so.
After living 6 months at OHI, I kind of burned out on the place, I went back once with a friend to support him, because he has cancer, but since then I have decided that it is pretty foolish to keep spending all that money to fast, when I am an expert at it myself. I never really did the master cleanser program. I think I tried it once when I first started fasting around the age of 30. I thought it was nasty and much preferred juice fasting with enema’s. I actually used a Colima board, that Jules taught me use. Good ole Jules, he must have taught 200 people to fast. I thank God for him.
Anyway, I just wanted to share that two years ago, I was in the middle of another one of my juice fasts, and one day I made a hot cup of our MC lemonade, and I was very surprised to see, that suddenly I had way more energy. I was able to go mountain biking that day, something I could never do on a juice fast. From that day on, I have only fasted on Master cleanser. I had a nasty breakup with yet again another boyfriend awhile back, and I took a good look in the mirror, I was 156 pounds, and I looked like hell. So I rented a small apartment and moved out on my own, and ended up doing my first long term fast of 21 days. That experience totally changed my life. Six months later I did the 40 day fast, waited 90 days and did it again………. And I can tell you that I look and feel a healthier 20 years younger than my biological age. This current fast I am now on is going to put me back down to 122 pounds, my movie star weight. MC has given me back the perfect body but not only that it has helped clear the static off my internal dial, and I am doing much much better mentally and emotionally as a result. I just felt moved to share this with all of you today, because I know you guys are checking in all the time to read all my spiritual writings, and you probably all wonder who in the heck is this Shiva bliss? I am just a girl who is trying to find her way in this world, like all of you. Who through incredible pain, and with a lot of help from the good people of this world, has learned to survive and grow and blossom into someone who is unrecognizable to the old self I once was. Fasting has played such an important part in my development. I thought you all should know. My soul is taking notes…… And I am sharing.

Shiva Bliss