Starting October 8th, a group of leaders and emerging leaders from around the country will begin a 12 week training program that will be grounded in the principles of Emotional Intelligence, Appreciative Inquiry, and Kouzes and Posner's Leadership Challenge that may just change their lives and their organizations.

Peter Drucker, considered the father of modern management, believed that leadership development begins with self-development. And Jim Collins in his book Good to Great said, "Great organizations that endure over time pay attention to finding, nurturing and advancing future leaders."

This is not headline news, but unfortunately, for most organizations, developing leaders is a challenging proposition. The litany of obstacles is well rehearsed and real - too little time, too little money, too few people or too small to make it happen. Dr. Lynn K. Jones (, a Certified Personal and Executive Coach, has developed an affordable and doable way to meet this leadership challenge for organizations big and small.

This leadership development program has been transformative for other leaders and is why Dr. Jones calls it "Get Your Mojo." One graduate of the program said, "I've been working on my Reflected Best Self Goals and I feel like a new person. Being a leader is getting easier thanks to what I learned from the program." For Dr. Jones, who has been a leader herself of nonprofits for the last 22 years, that is what it is all about.

"Get Your Mojo" is unlike traditional training programs because it takes place over 12 weeks instead of one or two days. This gives participants the chance to: integrate new skills and ideas into their leadership practice; to collect feedback that will be used to develop their Reflected Best Self Portrait, a 365 degree feedback tool using Appreciative Inquiry; and to learn about their strengths and how to apply them to their goals and vision.

Anyone from anywhere can take this affordable and transformative training program because it is delivered in a teleclass format. Just call in once a week to the dedicated conference line and "Get Your Mojo." Register for the class at or get information by emailing info @

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Lynn K. Jones, a certified Personal and Executive Coach, is recognized for helping leaders achieve positive, measurable changes in behavior for themselves, their organizations and their teams. With over 20 years of leadership experience in nonprofit organizations on leading, managing, communicating and implementing strategic and personal change. Dr. Jones is an adjunct faculty at Capella University, Antioch University and Santa Barbara City College and teaches management and nonprofit management.