Sometimes it's important to look at things through the eyes of a child. That way, we are able to see life and our experiences in a simpler way--without being complicated. If we search too deeply and try to explain concepts philosophically, we tend to get lost and forget what we really want to know.

A child has the eyes of innocence, and sees things as they could be. A child is not worried about making an adult decision. Fantasies, wishes, hopes and dreams guide the young ones through life. It's only after they have grown to adulthood, that they have been clouded and blinded from that innocence. Then decisions are made through logical evaluations and not through the heart of spirit.

Fantasies are a part of our spiritual life, believe it or not. Fantasies, hopes and dreams are the same as imagination. Imagination is creative visualization. And those hopes and dreams lead us to manifestation.

Don't we all know the words, "As a man thinketh, so is he"? The things we think, as well as imagine, can manifest in our world. Our imagination is only limited to our third dimensional minds. That's why we should be letting our hearts and spirits lead us--not our minds.

There is a fanciful movie that addresses this whole idea of hopes and dreams--and, yes, manifestation. It is called, "The Neverending Story." It tells of a young boy named Bastian, who always has his head in an adventure book. His father is worried that he never has his feet on the ground, because he lives in a fantasy world. And here is the first step being taken, by a well-meaning father, to turn an innocent child into a third-dimensional-thinking person.

Don't get me wrong. The third dimension is where our souls have come to experience life this time. But just because we live in the third dimension, doesn't mean we should forget we are spirit. We still have the choice to access the spirit whenever we wish, and learn to use both mind and spirit when experiencing life.

Bastian is led to a library, and finds the most interesting adventure book ever. The story of the land of Fantasia. This land is in trouble, because the "Nothing" is starting to destroy it.

The princess calls for a warrior to find the person who can help. The person is beyond the boundaries of Fantasia. This young warrior is named Atreyu. While searching for the person who can save Fantasia, he experiences many battles and frustrations. He comes to a large wolf, named Gamalk.

The wolf has been sent by the power behind the "Nothing", to conquer the warrior, so that Fantasia can be destroyed. Atreyu tells Gamalk that he is looking for the boundaries of Fantasia.

Not knowing who Atreyu really is, Gamalk says, "Every part of Fantasia--each one, is a piece of the dreams of Mankind. It has no boundaries...People have begun to loose their hopes, and forget their dreams. The emptiness and despair are destroying this world. Those with no hopes are easy to control. Whoever has the control, has the power."

Then Atreyu tells Gamalk that he is the warrior he seeks. They battle and Atreyu wins. But the land is destroyed. And Atreyu goes back to the princess to apologize for the failure. The princess tells Atreyu that he has not failed. There is one grain of sand left of Fantasia. The person he has searched for has been reading the story of Fantasia in a book.

Bastian realizes that he is the one. He has become part of the neverending story. All he has to do is give the princess a new name. Of course he hesitates, because he has to keep his feet on the ground. After some persuasion, he agrees, names the princess and saves Fantasia. The princess tells Bastian, "Fantasia can rise in you...through your dreams and hopes. All you have to do is make a wish...The more wishes you make, the more Fantasia will grow."

If we can take the lead from a child, we can keep our hopes and dreams alive in our world. By naming the princess, Bastian put vibrational power behind his hopes for Fantasia. He spoke his vision into existence.

By holding onto our hopes and dreams, and pursuing them, we are able to live life through our spirit. And in doing so, keep our Power.

Copyright 2000, Melissa Leath

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Melissa Leath is an intuitive-spiritual medium, metaphysical counselor and author. She has a guided meditation CD, "Soul of the Universe," and her book, "THE GO-BETWEEN Bridging the Gap," is available on her website. Look for her newest "Meditation, Plain and Simple Workbook" to be released in February, 2004. For information about private consultations, workshops, an excerpt of her new book, go to her website: or call her at 1-877-450-PATH.