What Is Your Focus?

What is the main focus in your life? Is it finding a job, or
keeping the one you've got, just to pay the rent every
month? Or is it always searching for that special someone
who can make you happy?

Society has evolved a way of believing, that keeps us always
limited to the physical plane. Stuart Wilde, noted author of
The Winds of Change, among other revolutionary books, tells
us of what he terms 'the tribe'. We all belong to a tribe,
so to speak---agroup of peers that we can relate to in some
way or other.

We may be Methodist, Italian, a wood-worker, a member of the
Smith family, a woman, and so on. And each group we belong
to dictates, to a certain extent, what we will think, what
we will wear, where we are to live, how we make a living. It will try to keep us in a tidy little box.

Whenever we may have a new, never thought of idea, the
'tribe' will not allow us to follow through with it. It
keeps us close to what is known. The tribe is threatened by
anything unknown. It keeps everything stable and secure.

A thought outside of the box could ruin the whole paradigm of the tribe. The very existence of the tribe would be
threatened if things changed too much or too fast.

Being part of the human tribe, keeps us all working very
hard just to make a living. Television and printed media
have produced marketing techniques through commercials, as
well as, through regular programming and news reports that
keep our minds directed at purchasing. All we strive for
all day long is to purchase that which the tribe has
determined necessary.

Driven to Succeed

We have now become so driven to succeed in material wealth
and external relationships, that we seem to find no time for
our spiritual growth.

One way to connect and grow with our spiritual self is through the breath.

The breath is vital to your life. The Creator gave this
glorious gift to you on your birth day. Cherish it. Use it
to the best of your ability. Fill your lungs with the love
and joy of the universe.

Breath is used to relax the body and mind, to take us to a
high state of peace, and create experiences in our lives.

Conspirators in the Breath of Life

It is our God given talent to be able to create our
experiences. Whether we know it or not, our mind is
constantly creating for us what we think. If we recognize
our oneness with God, and the connectedness we have with
that God Spirit, we can realize that we, and God are co-
creators or 'conspirators' in the breath of life.
Conspirators? What an odd choice of words. Let me guide you
through a spirit given understanding that I have received.

Genesis 2:7 ‘And the Lord formed man of the dust of the
ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life;
and man became a living soul.’

Conspire: a Latin word meaning 'to blow together; harmonizing; to breathe; to make an agreement or act in harmony'.

Knowing this, we realize that we create just the same as God
has created. Maybe it's on a smaller scale, because we are
only 'infants' in the creation process. (We need much more
practice in conscious creation.) Realizing that we are able
to create is the first step in visualizing our own reality.

Every time we take a breath, we are creating our world
around us. You must look at and appreciate your life
experiences, because if you don't, you are just denying your
own existence---your own creation!

Every time there is a problem or challenge in life, we have
an opportunity to change it. Honestly, it can be as simple
as changing your mind.

Although that seems too simplistic, it really is quite powerful. After recognizing the challenge, we have a moment, when we breathe, to change our energy.

Taking Time to Breathe

Let's say that your spouse comes into the house, after a bad
day at work. You managed to get home from your job about
five minutes before. Your loved one does not seem so loving,
coming into the house with a headache and complaining that
dinner isn't ready yet.

What do you do? Your day wasn't any easier. Do you jump in
to the moment, arguing your defense? Or do you take a moment to breathe, re-focus your energy and create a better

There is always a chance to change--to make a different
choice. By taking a breath, it gives the mind a moment to

This concept can be used in many other levels in your life.
You can create harmony and peaceful vibrations. There could
be no limit to the manifestations available. Use it for
deepening meditation, increasing intuition, creating healing
environments, and with global peace efforts.

The breath can be a key element to society's spiritual
evolution, especially if used in groups of like-minded
people. This is the tool to new beginnings---a new start in
the new millennium.

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Melissa Leath is an intuitive-spiritual medium, metaphysical counselor and author of "The Go-Between: Bridging the Gap." Her new book, "Meditation, Plain and Simple Workbook," is now available. Check her website on how to order or for information about private consultations, workshops and about her guided meditation CD, "Soul of the Universe." 123 Spiritual Growth or call herat 937-323-5346.