I had a really cool experience with a pony I sold recently. All my life horses have called to me, spoken to me, supported and nourished my spirit, and called me friend. Many years ago now I owned a large Arabian gelding named Fan, who saw me through some really tough times; we grew up together. About two years before I discovered Reiki, I kept him alive through sheer will during a time of great illness for him. By all rights he should have passed away several times. His resilience was intimately tied to my strong will and blind determination to not let him go. I didn’t know it then, but this was a major lesson in creating my own reality and the true nature of my power.

The day did come however, when I was strong enough in myself to let him go. I received my Reiki 1 attunement on a Monday, treated Fan on the Wednesday, and he passed peacefully on the Friday. He had seen me through to my destiny and his function as guardian was complete for this phase of the journey. The many mystical experiences that followed only served to deepen my awareness of the interconnection between the living and the non-physical world. A friend of mine also reported seeing his spirit through the eyes of a cat as he dropped in to pay a farewell visit, to remind her I’m sure, of the limitless possibilities of life. The spirit of that horse stayed by my side for many more years, guiding me in dreams and meditations, opening me up further to the deeper truths of existence.

Fans’ energy had become so much a part of me that I’d almost forgotten about his influence until the day I sold the pony Adam. For the buyers, it was love at first sight, they felt the excitement and joy in the instant connection of something that was meant to be. I felt relaxed and at peace through the sales process as I too felt the rightness of this transfer of power.

As I was trekking back up to my car, arms laden with saddle and tack, Adam followed me up the fence line. This caught my attention mostly because it was an uncharacteristic thing for him to do. His normal routine is to head straight back to the bale of hay. Food is his God. I stopped and turned to look at him, acknowledging that he was trying to tell me something. He stood facing me, staring for what seemed like a long time (my arms were getting tired holding all my stuff), ears alert and eyes focused intensely on mine. He was literally staring me down. I felt a surge of recognition followed by gratitude for his participation in my life and that of my daughter. He had been very much the messenger of many valuable life lessons. His mission in that moment however, seemed to be to hold his gaze upon me until I really ’’got’’ this last message.

I expressed my thanks for his presence and his gifts, my appreciation for his willingness to serve us and a fond farewell as I knew he was moving on to his next charge. I continued on to my car with a deeper sense of wonder. But there was even more going on there. Upon further reflection during meditation, I discovered an even greater truth. Pouring through Adam’s eyes was not only the greater consciousness of Equine (which is a sort of subroutine programmed into the support system of this physical time-space reality for the purpose of serving to balance and awaken human consciousness), but the more personal entity of my beloved Fan as well. Even though both horses lived at the same time I knew that Fans’ spirit transcended time and space and could participate in both bodies. Death was not a boundary. This led me to the validation of a concept I’d been working to realize for some time.

The Holy Trinity is one unit, one expression with multiple perspectives. Fan represented the disembodied eternal spirit, able to travel and transmit awareness through the myriad vehicles of Life on this planet. Adam represented the willing servant and the ability to live in the Now and to simply Be, and myself as human perspective consciousness housed albeit temporarily in this body, and it’s desire to know itself as ’’God’’!

The transmissions were shared apex to apex, giving and receiving between the two base points of the triad and simultaneously to the third non-physical pinnacle which embraced us both. I was Adam the pony and Fan the Beloved and myself all at once. Seeing from each perspective, feeling the interconnectedness, the Oneness and wonder of what Life truly is. It was a moment of recognition, of remembering, and of celebration.

A large percentage of the fun down here on Earth for me is moments like that, of clarity and simplicity and understanding, and it never ceases to amaze me how God answers my queries so eloquently. For those who have eyes to see, this world is a wonderful playground of self re-discovery, creative process, and joy. I can’t wait for the full realization of my latest conceptual project; ’’There is NO spoon...’’

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Christine has taught spiritual principles for over 10 years with the intention to assist in leading humanity into the Light of Conscious Awareness. She uses her natural skills in the Healing Arts and Soul Communication to work with individuals and small groups dedicated to transformation and Solar expansion. Christine is a fully ordained Minister of Peace and Seminary Facilitator with the Beloved Community. Christine is the founder of The Reiki Centre - Spiritual Peacemaking Education & Networking Facility in Alliston, Ontario. www.thereikicentre.ca