I AM okay with letting it be OK

What if we could “be okay” when things don’t go exactly as we think they should?

Would it mean that we don’t care or that we agree with the outcome? Being okay does not have to mean that we give up or give in. Being okay is about releasing negative emotions and judgments we create from events that happen in our lives or simply happen outside of our control. It is about being free to gain the clarity and insight that is needed to make profound changes in our lives in the present moment.

When we are feeling stress, worry, anxiety or anger it blocks our natural flow of divine inspiration and our ability to react with empowerment. We are not functioning with the present awareness that is needed to actually do something about the situation and make a positive change. Negative emotions cause resistance. When we resist, we close the portal to receiving insight and inspiration.

There are many ways we can help ourselves improve our lives. One way is to use affirmations. They can inspire, remind, guide and help keep us focused on what we intend to achieve. For more information visit Vision Makers at http://www.myvisionmakers.com.

Saying “I am okay with it” can be used as a reminder for us to drop emotional resistance that clogs our connection to the infinite source and the source of our brilliance. We do our best resolving when our minds are clear and focused on a positive outcome.

Be okay with it so in the end you have the power to really make it OK.

Author's Bio: 

Paula is an inspirational writer and a co-author in the book, "Living In Clarity" from the Best-Selling series, "Wake Up...Live The Life You Love". She desires to help people in personal growth and to realize they are masterful creators. From her 35 years experience in businees, Paula is working on her second book about community in the workplace versus competition.