How many times have you thought something sounded like a really good idea, only to find out later that it wasn't? I know I have! My most recent experience was related to promoting my business. I am sharing my story with you, so that maybe, just maybe, you can learn from my experience, saving yourself a lot of time and effort in the process.

A year or so ago, I went to a weekend seminar where we learned all about creating passive streams of income as a way to reach financial freedom. Passive stream of income simply means that a person can make money without having to exert effort for every dollar earned. So I immediately began to brainstorm ways to create passive income using my experience and knowledge base.

One example of that would be my book. Initially I invested my time, energy and effort into the creation of my book. Now I collect royalty checks from the publishing company for transactions for which I had no direct contact. Those royalty checks are passive income. (There are many other forms of passive income, royalty checks are just one)

Well I have to admit, the idea of passive income filling my bank account while I slept or vacationed seemed like a really great one to me. I felt compelled to make my guided meditations, which I had channeled from the Akashic Records, available to a much larger audience. Creating them was fun. Creating them felt good, and the timing felt right because I was in the flow.

Once they were created, I was back to thinking logically. I thought to myself, "How can I make them available? What is the best way to make them available? How can I promote them? How can I generate the most income from them? After all, I had invested money to create them, it only seemed fair to get a financial return on my investment. (which it is, but that is not the point). If only I could figure out how to do that."

I asked myself so many really good questions from a logical standpoint, but failed to go within my Akashic Records ask myself the most important questions, "Is this in alignment with my Soul?" and "Is this the best way to reach financial freedom" and "Is this right Divine Time to promote my products?"

Had I asked those last three questions, I might have saved myself a lot of time and energy. (I won't say it was wasted, because I did learn something from this whole experience.)

I paid to have professional ads created, since that seemed like the next logical step. Then I paid to have the ad sent to an opt-in spiritually minded email subscriber list of about 500,000 people. Afterall, if I want people to buy, they must first know the product even exists.

I was confident in the quality of my products based on customer reviews, I had professionally designed ads, and a paid placement to reach a huge targeted audience. I had spent the last two months gearing up for this ad campaign. I had a fulfillment house ready to go, a new shopping cart integrated with my website to handles the massive orders, all seemed right with the world. One would think that my sales should be going through the roof, right? Wrong.

Take a wild guess at how many of those 500,000 people who want to be informed of new spiritual based products, who want to buy spiritually based products responded to my ad? Even a measly 1% would have brought 5000 orders. You want to know how many I got? Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

Whoa Nelly! What's up with that??

I thought to myself, "I followed my instincts, I visualized, I coupled positive feelings with my positive intents, I did everything I was supposed to do, yet it did not work." (I imagine some of you reading this right now are thinking, yeah, I do all of those things to but it didn't work for me either! And, you are probably wondering WHY???)

Well, here is what I believe to be true in this moment....

I do believe with all of my heart and soul that the book and meditations were meant to be made public. That was not and is not the issue. The issue was what I did once the creative process came to an end. In the creative process I was very much in the flow . I was living a very synchronistic and guided life, and it worked beautifully.

Then somewhere along the way, I got caught up in trying to figure out how I was going to make this passive income dream become a reality. I figured it was only logical to assume that if I had just been guided to create these meditations that it was because they were my vehicle to financial freedom. I assumed based on logic, that my next step was to learn how to best market, sell, and fulfill the orders that would surely be coming my way. I got so caught up in trying to figour out the how that I totally lost sight of what was most important. Staying in the flow!

When I am in what I call the flow, I feel like I am perfectly aligned with my Essence of my Soul. Things work themselves out effortlessly. NO struggle. NO frustrations. Just Divine perfection. When I am in the flow, the things that I need come to me. I don't need to go out in search of them.

I had fallen into the trap of analyzing things in a logical way, rather than trusting what I was feeling. Somehow I was able to dismiss the fact that this email service had not performed well for me in the past, not only once but on two separate occasions. I was somehow able to dismiss the fact that there were huge communication issues immediately following the payment I sent to them. I kept pushing, and I kept clinging, because Logic kept telling me IT SHOULD WORK. Some of you are probably saying, "Didn't you ever wonder if the Universe was trying to send you a message with all of the glitches and communication issues?" Well, you'd think so! But I was being stubborn. I was insistent that it SHOULD WORK.

It finally occurred to me that maybe, just maybe I had gone off course somewhere. But where?

After the ad went out and I received zero sales, I thought obviously I had missed something along the way. With a little Soul searching, I realized I went wrong by trying to force something to be a certain way because I wanted it to be that way, or because I thought it should be a certain way. I kept ignoring the feelings that I had (which were subtle, but looking back were definitely there.) I did not notice them because I was determined to make my plan work. I had it in my mind that I knew the best way to generate passive income, and that was through book sales and CD sales. By God, I had a plan and I was going to see it through. (picture me with my arms criss-crossed across my chest, holding my breath, and stomping my feet).

I realized that I had locked myself into thinking that I knew what was best for me. That I knew the best route to get to the end result I desired. I, I, I.

I forgot I was part of a team. Here I have this wonderful team of Divine Helpers, just waiting to assist me. A team who can see the bigger picture. A team that will bring the necessary connections, events, people, and situations right to my doorstep if I just let them.

I am so grateful for the ever patient nature of my Divine Family, and their persistence. When I finally opened myself up to receiving true guidance without limiting it with my own expectations, I found myself back in the flow! And, oh what a wonderful feeling that was! All of a sudden the synchronicities began to occur, things falling into my lap, popping into my email box, all without me having to do a thing. And you know what? None of it was directly related to my book or my meditations. It was all around my radio show. That was when I realized something very important.

I realized that I did experience synchronicities and felt like I was being led even when I was pursuing the promotion of my meditations. BUT, those synchronicities would only go so far, then I would hit a dead end. I am so good at manifesting, that when I had set my sites on promoting my meditations, I began to draw certain things into my reality. The problem with all of that was that somehow it never felt right. It never felt easy. It was always a struggle. Always a hassle. And, it made me so, so tired. Like swimming upstream for days on end.

You see, we are all powerful creators. We set our sites on something at the Universe goes into action to bring those things to us. We really can do anything we set our minds to doing. The thing to consider is this, "Do you want to swim upstream and fight for it, or do you want to flow downstream and happen upon it?

I realized that somewhere along the way I had decided that promoting my cds and books were the best route to creating financial freedom. I had failed to ask for guidance on this issue. I had failed to ask if pursuing this at this time was in the highest alignment with my Soul.

As a result, I found myself spending numerous hours doing things I don't really like all because I THOUGHT that was what I should be doing. I figured if this business model had worked for other people, it should work for me, too. It should, it should, it should. But it didn't. I forgot that there are numerous business models out there, and that perhaps there was a different one that was a better fit for me. (turns out there is!)

When I was willing to surrender my will to divine will, when I was willing to open up to the concept that maybe there was an easier, better way that I had not thought of, that is when things started to get good again.

It became so apparent to me that focusing my time and energy doing the things I love to do most (one-on-one consultations, emf balancing, and the radio show) was the best way to reach my goals of financial freedom. I remembered that following my passions is the key. I remembered (at 2:30 am just before drifting off to sleep) that all I needed to do was to begin each day with a few simple statements.

"Thank you for all of the guidance you give me each and every moment of each and every day."

"Thank you for always bringing the next step towards my financial freedom right to me"

"What would you like for me to know today?"

All I needed to do was ask for guidance every day, to let go of trying to figure out how I was going to make something happen, and joyfully wait for the true synchroncities (not the forced synchroncities) to come to me.

Here is my challenge to you, should you choose to accept it:

Take an honest look at your life. Are you currently doing something because someone else experienced success doing the same thing? Are you following a model because you think IT SHOULD WORK? Are you trying to force something to be a certain way just because you think it should be that way? ARE YOU SWIMMING UPSTREAM OR ARE YOU GOING WITH THE FLOW?

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Kathy Karlander is a gifted intuitive counselor, healer, teacher, and author known nationally and internationally for her work. Her greatest gift lies in her ability to facilitate spiritual awakening and growth in her clients while guiding them to a stronger sense of self-empowerment. She specializes in the Akashic Records and EMF Balancing Technique®, and guided meditation CDs. Visit her website at to find out more! Now you can listen to Kathy broadcast live at every Tuesday from 2- 3 pm EST.

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