Magic Genie Helps People Find Faith in the Face of Disaster

Couldn’t you use a little more faith today? How can we expect to cope with a natural disaster or acts of terrorism without faith in God?

A nonsectarian Magic Genie named Glorious uses 99 Magical Keys to help people find the faith to cope with the troubled times in which we live.

Glorious shows us how to acknowledge and validate our faith so that we can learn to express it and declare ourselves people of faith. Sometimes it takes a little fantasy to believe in what we cannot see or understand.

Glorious believes that deep down we all have faith. We just have to learn how to express it. We have to learn how to share our faith with our family and friends. That way we can muster the resolve to cope with some of the terrible things that are happening all around us.

Glorious feels that we are all good and worthwhile people who are entitled to have faith and find peace of mind. Sometimes it’s hard to have faith when we see people suffering, losing their homes, their loved ones, and even their lives, but he is convinced that if we just have faith we can learn to cope with the tragedies that befall us.

The lesson to be learned from tragic events or acts of terrorism is the demonstration of faith in the future that the survivor’s exhibit as they try to pick up the pieces of their lives and build a better future. Life goes on. Nature replenishes itself and in the process generates new life and the environment necessary for a brighter future. People of faith learn to cope with acts of terror. The creation of life evolves and regenerates itself under Gods good graces and as manifested by his unfathomable grand design.

Author's Bio: 

Arthur Levine is the author of The Magic of Faith. He specializes in writing books on faith with a fantasy element.